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State and Local Tax Services in the Bay Area

If you need state and local tax planning services for your business, SD Mayer is a top choice. We constantly monitor more than 80,000 local and state tax jurisdictions so we can provide vital assistance to all of our clients across many different industries. We stay on top of regulatory and legislative changes and use our expert tax knowledge to uncover new opportunities for state and local tax savings.

Our Specialties

We specialize in numerous types of state and local tax, including:

  • Income, franchise and gross receipts: With more closed loopholes and higher tax revenue collected through audits, state income and franchise tax collections measures have become very aggressive. At SD Mayer, we draw on our resources in every state and locality nationwide to ensure state and local tax compliance and reduce your tax burden.
  • Property tax: Property tax is a major revenue source for local governments, which means it can be a huge expense for your business. We use tax negotiation, filing, inventory valuation and analysis to proactively manage tax liability for businesses in nearly every industry.

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  • Sales and use tax: There are currently 45 states and thousands of local jurisdictions imposing sales and use taxes. With the increase in popularity of digital services and e-commerce, understanding your tax exposure is complicated. SD Mayer establishes systems and processes to ensure your business’s ongoing compliance.
  • Site selection and tax credits and incentives: For U.S.-based companies expanding overseas or for multinational clients establishing a U.S. presence, expanding, consolidating and relocating affords you the opportunity to choose an ideal environment that minimizes your tax liability. Whether you are choosing a site for sales, production or distribution purposes, our team can help you find the best location. We also find tax rebates, income/franchise tax credits, infrastructure assistance and discretionary cash grants.
  • Unclaimed property: Unclaimed property is anything a business owes to its customers, creditors, employees, shareholders or vendors. It can include items such as voided or uncashed checks, unused gift certificates or any other unclaimed monies. Each state has specific unclaimed property laws that require businesses to report unclaimed property that has not been used for a particular period of time. SD Mayer has extensive experience helping businesses complete compliance and reduce audit exposure. We create audit defense, voluntary disclosure agreements, M&A due diligence, refund reviews and feasibility studies.

Why Choose SD Mayer for State and Local Tax Consulting?

SD Mayer has the expert knowledge and experience to help your business with state and local income tax planning. We develop a custom strategy that addresses your specific needs to reduce your tax liability. With our cohesive, detail-oriented approach to evaluating your state and local tax situation, we find as many opportunities for savings as possible while keeping your company compliant. We strive to help you feel confident in your tax position.

Contact us today if you have any questions or would like more information about how we can help your business with planning and filing for state and local taxes.

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