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Litigation can be a complex process. Having the right resources can prevent you from facing significant losses, whether at a personal level or a corporate one. Expert accounting for litigation settlements can help you ensure the best possible outcome for financial success and growth.

Litigation examples include:

Litigation Support provides accounting assistance in a matter involving existing or pending litigation. It deals primarily with issues related to the quantification of economic damages. A typical litigation support assignment would be calculating the economic loss resulting from a breach of contract.

Comprehensive individual and business litigation services require more than just the collection of evidence. Our experts in accounting for litigation settlements offer a broad skill set to help with everything from gathering data to implementing new practices to prevent further problems. They’ll make a plan that has your needs front and center, working efficiently to support your case with sharp attention to detail.

SD Mayer’s litigation support team is thoroughly experienced in providing the testimony needed to support a claim of economic or financial loss or disputes related to accountancy issues. Our team can withstand cross-examination and provide litigation strategies, working with your legal team.

Expert Assistance In Business Litigation Services

Litigation support accounting covers a wide range of work, so it’s crucial to have an experienced team on your side to cover all eventualities. Our accounting litigation support services ensure that you get the right kind of assistance at every step of the process.

While collecting data, our investigators work hard to identify the best evidence and gather more information from various sources as needed. They’ll pull data appropriately and follow applicable laws and guidelines to ensure security needs are met. In addition to gathering records, they may conduct interviews and take statements from witnesses and employees to create a cohesive view of the situation.

As they begin to analyze the data, our litigation support accounting experts will interpret the numbers to gather vital evidence and insights. They might also prepare this information for presentation to the right people and find possible motives or relationships that could have influenced the actions.

Even after all the data has been gathered, our personal and business litigation services follow through to the courtroom, where our team members’ expertise can contribute to the case. The person testifying will need to understand the legal process and how to best present a convincing argument. These skills are invaluable in the courtroom and our services in litigation support accounting allow you to take full advantage of them.

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Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting litigation is a special area that puts experts to work identifying possible causes and sources of suspicious activity and fraud. These experts may step in to investigate complicated issues, such as malfeasance, whistleblowing, theft, fraud and misfeasance.

Another role of a forensic accountant is to prevent the problems from recurring by identifying a company’s weak points or offering suggestions in areas like new security protocols. Like our litigation support team, our forensic accountants can also offer testimony during litigation proceedings. They know how to create a well-crafted presentation complete with all the appropriate evidence and statements.

Our expert forensic accounting team members apply their skill to every step of the process. Everything from the identification of a problem to a well-presented testimony in court can benefit from someone with sufficient experience in the field and a proven track record of success.

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Our litigation accounting services are available worldwide from our offices in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area. If you’re looking for assistance with litigation proceedings in a business or personal capacity, contact us today to get started.

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