Management and Employee Training

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Management and Employee Training

Employee training is a win-win. Your team members get to gain new skills that help them advance in their careers. Your business gets to develop the next generation of leaders, building a strong management team internally. Employee training goes beyond skill-building and enhancement, too. It can also include programs that explain your company’s policies and procedures or programs that introduce employees to new technology. 

SD Mayer can help your company with employee training and management development. We’ll work with you to create training that aligns with your company’s values and mission. 

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Why Offer Employee and Management Training? 

Employee and management training programs offer several benefits to companies and individual employees. Your company may decide to offer soft skills or technical training programs to fill in skill gaps and improve your team members’ job performance. Management development programs allow you to select employees with leadership potential and work with them to help develop those skills. Developing managers from within your company is an ideal way to help increase retention rates and boost employee engagement. 

Your company may be required by law to offer certain training programs. For example, a sexual harassment training may be mandated in your state, or cybersecurity training may be required by your industry. Safety training may be necessary for your field, too. You may need to offer these programs to avoid lawsuits or injuries.

Employee Training Services

Employee and management training are among the HR advisory services SD Mayer offers. When you partner with us, we’ll help you:

  • Develop training programs:  We’ll work with you to develop a training program based on your business’s priorities and your company‘s values. We can help you develop future managers, improve employees’ skills and develop incentive programs. 
  • Create feedback and reviews: Employees want to know their progress and performance during a training program. We can help you develop feedback and performance review structures.
  • Offer training that complies with legal requirements: We can help you develop training that complies with the laws in your area.
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Why Choose SD Mayer for Personnel Management Training?

Attracting an retaining top talent is crucial for your business’s ongoing success. SD Mayer can streamline your HR processes and help you implement training programs that increase employee engagement and improve your retention rates.

As a small firm, we can provide your company with individualized, one-on-one attention. You won’t get templated, cookie-cutter solutions from us. We work to understand your business’s unique needs and goals and develop training programs that are tailored to you. 

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Examples of Employee Training and Management Development

Employee and management training includes activities that allow employees to gain new skills or knowledge or that help them improve their existing skills. Often, the goal of a training program is to improve the work performance of individual employees. Development programs are slightly different. They usually aim to help employees develop skills and knowledge that allow them to take on new roles or responsibilities. Training can take several forms, from workshops and classes to coaching and mentoring. It can be informal and self-directed or formal and standardized. Generally, employee training and development programs fall into one of five categories:

Compliance training

Compliance training is typically legally mandated. It can include sexual harassment awareness training programs and cybersecurity programs.

Soft skills development

Some training programs focus on developing employees’ soft skills, such as their emotional intelligence and teamwork.

Technical training

Technical training programs focus on “hard” skills or skills required to perform specific tasks.

Safety training

The goal of safety training is typically to reduce workplace injuries or improve employee health. It can be legally mandated or something a company voluntarily chooses to implement.

Leadership or management development

Management or leadership development programs seek to train the next generation of leaders at a company. The programs typically focus on developing people’s skills to succeed in management roles, such as listening, accountability and communication.

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