Investment services

Investment Services

Wealth and investment management is more than buying and selling assets — you need to know what balance of investments allows you to reach your financial goals. You also need a strategy and plan to help ensure your investments continue to pay off.

SD Mayer’s team of investment planning consultants can help. We create custom financial management plans so you can have the resources you need to live the life you want.

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What Can Wealth Management and Investment Services Do?

Wealth management is individualized — no two plans should look alike. SD Mayer understands the need for customization and examines the financial goals and starting assets of each client before putting together a plan. 

While the exact approach an investment consultant takes depends on your specific situation, the end goals of wealth management are often the same — to grow your wealth, pass it on to future generations and reduce your liabilities. Your advisor should take a holistic approach to your assets and financial plans so you can achieve your end goal.

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How SD Mayer Helps With Your Wealth Planning

Whether you are a self-made individual or you have an inheritance you plan on investing, you likely have a few questions about what to do with your money and assets:

  • Which investments should you make?
  • Is your portfolio well-balanced?
  • Will you have enough money to live on in retirement?
  • How do you pass on your wealth?
  • How can you reduce your tax burden?

SD Mayer helps you figure out what to do with your wealth. We’ll determine the use of your investments that makes the most sense to provide income to you now, in the future and to your loved ones after you’re gone.

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Why Work With San Francisco-Based SD Mayer for Wealth Planning?

The smartest investment plan takes a big-picture view of your financial situation. SD Mayer uses a holistic approach to wealth management. We examine where you currently stand with your investments, analyze your potential and explore your tax obligations to make tailored recommendations to you.

As a small financial advisory firm, we can provide each of our clients with individualized care and attention. You won’t find us using a one-size-fits-all template with our clients. We believe that results come about from knowing who each client is and what they want from their financial lives.

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Our Wealth Management and Investment Services

Our investment and wealth management services provide a comprehensive view of your financial situation.

Reviewing your current portfolio

Your investment portfolio should reflect your risk tolerance and age. Our investment consultants can review your existing portfolio and make recommendations to balance it based on your goals and risk appetite.

Examining tax obligations

Taxes can eat into your wealth, but there are ways to plan your investments to reduce your tax obligations considerably. We can help you make the most of tax-advantaged accounts and recommend other ways to minimize your liability.

Planning for retirement

Whether retirement is just around the corner or years away, our advisory team can help you determine what you’ll need to live comfortably during retirement, how to account for retirement expenses and how to reduce debt before you stop working.

Estate planning

Our wealth management services also help you make a plan for your money after you’re gone. Estate planning can reduce your loved one’s tax burden and help streamline the probate process.

Charitable and philanthropic planning

Donating to charity can help reduce your tax liability while allowing you to give back to your community. Our philanthropic planning services help your charitable donations do the most good.

Investment advice and management

We can help you choose stocks and other investments and manage them on your behalf.

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SD Mayer offers investment services near you and worldwide. Our offices are in the Bay Area, but we serve customers around the world. To get started with wealth management, contact us today.

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