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Retirement Planning Services

You’re never too young, or too old, to start thinking about retirement. Whether you have years to go before you retire or are approaching your last days on the job, SD Mayer’s retirement planning consultants can help you feel confident that you’ll have the resources to support yourself and live the life you want in your golden years.

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How SD Mayer Can Help You Plan for Retirement

People often have many questions about retirement. They want to know:

  • When they can retire
  • When they should retire
  • How much money they’ll need during retirement
  • What their retirement funding options are
  • If they have enough money saved or are on track for retirement
  • When they should claim Social Security
  • How much they’ll need to spend on health care in retirement

On your own, it can be challenging to find the answers to those questions. SD Mayer can help you determine how much you’ll need each month or year to support yourself once you retire, based on how you want to live in retirement. We can also help you better understand your insurance and healthcare options in retirement, so you can plan for long-term care or other healthcare costs.

We can also help you understand tax laws and your tax liability now and once you retire.

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Why Choose SD Mayer for Bay Area Retirement Planning?

SD Mayer considers different aspects of your financial health when making recommendations for your retirement. We consider where you are today, your current earnings and earnings potential. We can also examine your tax obligations and investment needs.

We’re a small, Bay Area-based retirement planning firm, which allows us to give each of our clients undivided, individualized attention. We don’t push a template or one-size-fits-all solution on our clients. Instead, we look at you as an individual and make recommendations based on what you tell us and your situation.

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Retirement Planning Services

Our comprehensive retirement planning services are designed to give you a full view of your financial health.

Reviewing Your Current Retirement Plan

We can examine your current retirement plan and provide feedback. We can review your accounts and help you decide how much to save and where to save it. We can also explain whether you’re on-track to reach your retirement goals or what you may want to consider doing to boost your retirement savings.

Planning Health and Long-Term Expenses

Health care can be a major expense in retirement. You may also be concerned that you’ll need long-term care or assistance to remain in your home one day.

We can review your health insurance options once you retire, including Medicare, private insurance and long-term care coverage. We want you to feel confident that you’ll have the finances to pay for health care costs that come up.

Debt Reduction Strategies

Retirement preparation involves more than saving money. It’s also a good idea to reduce your debt as much as possible before you retire. Whether you have student loans, credit card debt or other consumer debt, we can work with you to develop a loan pay-off strategy.

Options to Maximize Savings

You have retirement savings options, like company-sponsored 401(k) plans, individual retirement arrangements (IRAs) and defined contribution plans. Another option less commonly explored in an annuity, which gives you payments at regular intervals once you retire.

Each option has benefits and potential drawbacks. We can help you find an option that maximizes your savings and helps you feel at peace with your retirement income.

Explanation of Social Security

For as long as you’ve been working, you’ve been paying Social Security tax — what does that mean for you once you retire? Your Social Security benefits are based on when you decide to start receiving benefits and your earnings when you worked. We can discuss your benefits with you and how they can work with your other retirement savings.

Explanation of Tax Law

Many retirement accounts are tax-advantaged — they allow you to defer tax on the amounts you contribute until you withdraw money when you retire. Some, like a Roth IRA, let you make after-tax contributions, then withdraw the amounts plus earnings without additional tax.

Whether a tax-deferred or Roth account is the right option for you depends on your tax obligations now and in the future. We can help you understand your tax situation so you can make the right choices for your savings.

If there are changes to the tax law that affect your liability and savings, we can keep you updated and recommend steps to minimize your tax burden.

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Whether you’re in SF, on the other side of California or over on the East Coast, we can help you create a retirement plan. Contact us today to discuss where you currently stand and where you’d like to see your retirement savings go.

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