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With a focus on applying technology and a fresh way of thinking to each client engagement, SD Mayer is transforming the nature of client service in the accounting industry. For our business clients, we are your trusted advisor, providing actionable insights to solve today’s business issues and strategize for future growth. For our individual clients, we focus on helping you achieve financial security through estate planninginvestment guidanceinsurance and tax planning, and retirement planning. Whatever life stage you or your business are in, SD Mayer will have your back as your trusted advisor.

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SD Mayer & Associates is a fast-growing, full-service, community-minded accounting, advisory and outsourced accounting firm. We can also help clients plan for their future through our retirement and wealth management services.

SD Mayer & Associates is located in The Russ Building and is based in San Francisco, with offices in San Mateo, Menlo Park and San Leandro, along with consultants located in key locations throughout the United States. We can also tap into our global resources through our membership with BDO Alliance, the fifth largest association of accountants, consultants and professional services firms. With more than 550 independent Alliance firm locations, the Alliance represents nearly every state and includes a comprehensive range of services.

Member firms are fully autonomous, united in mindset, caliber of service, and spirit of collaboration, to the benefit of all involved – BDO and its clients, Alliance members and their clients.

We have been consistently named a “Best Place to Work”, are listed as a “Fastest Growing Private Company” and have been named one of the Top Accounting Firms in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as the Best Accounting Firm by Best of Small Business Awards.

Our managing partner, Stephen D. Mayer was a former CEO and co-founder of Burr Pilger Mayer (BPM), prior to founding SD Mayer & Associates in 2012. Steve brings his core values and over four decades of experience to his new firm: helping clients be successful in business and in life, investing in and serving the community and having fun.


Why We Exist

Our purpose is to help our clients, communities and people achieve their financial goals and long-term
success through a seamless, integration of services, a fresh way of thinking and, by simply doing more.

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How We Behave

Our core values stem from two simple words: we care. We care about our clients, community, company, and culture.

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do and why we exist. We truly believe in treating clients like family, connecting with them regularly, and using our knowledge to help them become more successful.

We believe in giving back to the communities where we live and work in and embrace global diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We value a firm first mentality when it comes to the company, where we support each other and put the firm’s interests above individual practices or our own concerns.

Our culture is a culmination of smart people who think outside the box to problem solve; empowering each other to become leaders and follow our passions; diversity where we embrace our various colors, genders, and beliefs; flexibility and adaptability to a changing environment; open and transparent communication; and a growth mindset, where if the firm succeeds, we all succeed.

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How We Succeed

Trusted Advisor :: We succeed by having strong client relationships built on trustworthiness, integrity, professionalism, being proactive and on always doing the right thing. We aim to be the first call when things go sideways and by ensuring that each of our clients reach their financial goals for their life, their family, and their retirement.

Results Driven :: We succeed by hiring smart people, and by being organized and productive with our time, knowing who will manage each job, when the work will get done and how much it’ll cost.

Adaptability :: We succeed by embracing new technologies and by adapting to our changing world.

Engaged :: We succeed by working hard and playing hard, by encouraging open communication, understanding our purpose within the organization and by creating a fun, passionate work environment.

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Community & Corporate Responsibility

SD Mayer & Associates was founded on the idea of investing in and giving back to the communities where we live and work. With that in mind, we volunteer our time to a wide range of community organizations, nonprofits and volunteer groups, including SF-Marin Food Bank, SF Chamber of Commerce, Sabore’s Well, Boys & Girls Club of San Francisco and many more. Many of our staff members also hold leadership positions in these organizations, serve on boards or help fundraise to support these organizations.

The Mayer Foundation routinely supports local causes, including the fires that impacted large regions of the North Bay in 2017. Employees donated $10,000, which included a mini van provided by Steve Mayer to a family that had lost everything. More recently we passed the hat to make a donation to support the war in Ukraine.

The 5 Bucket Foundation was created to support financial literacy in young adults transitioning from high school to college who are in need of basic personal finance skills to understand a paycheck, do their taxes, apply for a credit card and avoid debt. The foundation is supported not only through the generous donations from our partners, but also through all sales of our books, 5 Shovels, 4 Buckets, a Beach and a Map: A Guide to Personal Finance; and our book, The Toughest Guy I Ever Knew and Other Short Stories. Proceeds are used to purchase financial literacy materials provided for free to students.

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While our clients come from all over the city, state and country, our home base is in the city of innovation and entrepreneurship—San Francisco.

All of the creativity and technical expertise surrounding us keeps us up to date with the latest thinking so we can serve you better.

We always look forward to a new conversation, so drop us a line or give us a call.

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