R&D Tax Credits & Incentives

Accounting for R&D Tax Credit in the Bay Area

Research and development (R&D) are crucial to company growth. But in today’s competitive global marketplace, many companies must cut R&D budgets to focus on efforts that keep their customer base interested in their products. At SD Mayer, our goal is to help you invest in your R&D through available state and federal tax credits.

Taking advantage of these tax incentives can save your company significant amounts of money — as much as 10% of your annual R&D costs for federal taxes alone, and much more with state credits — so you don’t have to sacrifice your R&D efforts.

Benefits of Choosing SD Mayer

SD Mayer is a leading R&D tax credit company. With our in-depth tax credit knowledge and experience with businesses across industries and states, we provide expert assistance to reduce tax liability for your R&D. We perform our tax credit study with meticulous attention to detail so we can identify all possible areas of savings, and we go above and beyond to find deduction opportunities outside of credit eligibility.

By saving more money on your taxes, you can invest in your company’s R&D to ensure your business is set up for future growth. To find out more about how we can help you find the best R&D tax solutions for your business, contact us today.

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Our R&D Tax Strategies

At SD Mayer, we explore all possible areas of tax savings. Our R&D tax credit specialists start by conducting an R&D tax credit study to assess which credits may apply to your business. To qualify for R&D tax credits from the IRS, you must meet the criteria of their four-part test:

  1. Elimination of uncertainty: You must show that you have tried to eliminate uncertainty about the process or product.
  2. Process of experimentation: Using trial and error, simulations and modeling, you must demonstrate that you have assessed alternative methods for your solution.
  3. Technological in nature: Your experimentation must rely on the sciences, such as physics, chemistry, biology, computer science and engineering.
  4. Qualified purpose: Your research must be conducted with a goal of creating a new or improved process or product that increases quality, reliability, function or performance.

Our R&D tax credit consultants have extensive experience with the four-part test and know exactly what qualifies for your specific industry.

We also know which tax credits are specific to your state, and we can determine which ones are applicable to your business. Once we assess your federal and state tax credit eligibility, we also determine which credits can be applied retroactively for the previous three open tax years.

In addition to evaluating tax credit eligibility, we take a close look at your spending to find additional savings opportunities. Many R&D-related costs can be deducted even if they can’t be applied to a specific R&D credit, such as expenses for equipment, software and other business essentials.

After our study is complete, we provide tax preparation and assistance, including:

  • Identifying activities that qualify for credits.
  • Documenting costs.
  • Preparing tax filings.
  • Assisting you with any state or federal audits.

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