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Human Resources Advisory

There’s so much more to human resources than hiring people. Your company needs to comply with local and federal employment laws, keep your existing employees engaged and happy, and develop hiring and promotion strategies.

It can be a lot, especially if you don’t have a dedicated human resources team. That’s where SD Mayer can help. We provide your business with a team of human resource consultants who can create an HR strategy and solution that keeps your hiring expenses down and allows your business to grow.

We support your business so it can provide a seamless experience to current and future employees. Our HR advisory services include the development of tools and workflows that help you create an effective HR department.

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Our Advantage as Human Resource Consultants

Employment laws change regularly, and employee expectations are always evolving. Your business needs an advisor by its side to keep up with regulations and changing expectations. SD Mayer has worked with hundreds of businesses like yours, helping them comply with employment laws, streamline hiring processes and develop internal HR strategies. Our focus is on strategic planning. We work to align your business’s goals with its hiring needs. 

When you work with our firm, your business can benefit in several ways:

  • A holistic approach: We look at your business as a whole when making recommendations and helping you create a hiring strategy. We consider what your company needs today and what its hiring needs might look like in six months, a year or further out.
  • One-on-one attention: Our firm is small, which means we can provide each of our clients with dedicated attention. We don’t hand you a cookie-cutter HR template. Instead, we tailor a strategy and plan to your company’s unique needs.
  • Ongoing relationship: HR advisory is just one of the services we offer clients in the Bay Area and around the world. Our service offerings work together, helping your business build a strong financial backbone and allowing us to work together for years. 
  • Embrace of technology: We believe technology can improve client outcomes. We use it regularly when developing strategies and improving your company’s employee relationships.
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What Can Our HR Services Do for You?

Our HR services help your company develop a strong human resources department. We work with you to create policies and procedures that fully engage employees and reduce turnover rates. Our HR capabilities include:

Policy and procedure development

Your business needs employee policies that comply with local laws and reflect the values of your organization. We work with you to develop compliant procedures and policies that reflect your company.  

Hiring strategy

How many people do you need to hire now, and what will your company’s hiring needs be in the future? We help you create a plan for hiring based on your business’s actual and projected growth. We can also help you develop a downsizing strategy if necessary.

Talent acquisition and retention

Employees make your company what it is. You want to attract and hire the best. Once you’ve hired them, you want to convince them to stick around. We can work with you to develop a talent acquisition and retention plan that keeps your hiring costs in check.

Leadership development and training

We can help you create training and development programs to grow your company’s next generation of leaders.


We can simplify compliance, withholding the correct amount of taxes from each employee’s paycheck and ensuring your company follows all relevant labor laws.

Benefits and compensation analysis

How do your company’s compensation and benefits packages stack up to the competition? We can evaluate your benefits and compensation programs and recommend adjustments.

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Our clients come from all over the world, but we’re proud to offer our HR services from the Bay Area. We look forward to learning more about your business’s human resources needs. To start a conversation, contact us today.

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