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Insurance services

SD Mayer Insurance Services

Risk is a part of life. There’s the risk of becoming injured, ill or losing a portion of your net worth. Fortunately, insurance is available to help mitigate many of life’s risks and to protect you and your loved ones financially. To get the most from insurance, you need to know which policies to purchase and what size policy can suit you.

SD Mayer provides wealth and insurance services to help you choose the coverage that suits your lifestyle and financial circumstances.

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Insurance Advisory Services

You need a strategy when choosing insurance policies. You want to find the happy medium with coverage, neither too much nor too little. To do that, it helps to take a look at your financial situation as a whole. You should consider your family status, amount of wealth and what would happen if you were to lose a source of income or become injured. 

SD Mayer’s insurance consultants take a holistic approach to wealth management. We examine all aspects of your financial situation and recommend insurance coverage that can protect you.

Using Insurance To Manage Your Nonprofit’s Risk

How SD Mayer Helps With Wealth and Insurance Services

Insurance can be more complicated than you think. There are several questions you need to answer when purchasing a policy, including:

  • What type of insurance do I need?
  • How much insurance coverage is adequate for my needs?
  • What sort of coverage does a particular policy provide?
  • What types of insurance are available to me?
  • Can you purchase too much insurance?

Those questions can be challenging to answer on your own. SD Mayer can help you determine the amount of insurance to purchase and the types of policies that can provide the greatest benefits. Our consultants can also explain the different insurance options available, so you fully understand what you’re buying and the protection your policy offers.

We can help you understand how an insurance policy protects you today and in the future.

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Why Create an Insurance Strategy With SD Mayer?

As your net worth increases, you want to have peace of mind that what you’ve worked for is protected. SD Mayer takes a holistic approach to wealth management, which includes offering insurance advisory services. We make recommendations to you based on your risk tolerance and current financial needs, plus your anticipated future finances. We work with you to develop an insurance strategy that provides a just-right level of coverage.

As a small financial planning firm based in the San Francisco area, we’re able to provide every client our full, undivided attention. We don’t use templates or expect each client to fit into predetermined molds. Instead, we examine your unique situation and tailor our advice to what you tell us.

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Our Insurance Services

Our insurance advisory services provide a comprehensive way to help protect your financial situation. Examples of the services we offer include:

Business life insurance

We can recommend business life insurance to protect your company should something happen to the owner or another executive. We can also offer advice on buy/sell insurance funding.

Income protection

What will become of your family if something happens to the primary income earner? Our insurance advisory services help you choose a level of coverage that offers adequate protection should the primary earner lose their income.

Life insurance evaluation

It is possible to have too much life insurance. We can review your existing policy and make recommendations to right-size your coverage.

Annuity analysis

Annuities provide a stable source of income in retirement, but they may not be the right option for everyone. We can analyze annuities for you and help you determine if they are an appropriate investment vehicle.

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Turn to SD Mayer for Insurance Advice

The right level of insurance coverage gives you peace of mind and financial support should you lose a source of income. SD Mayer’s insurance advisory services allow you to right-size your insurance and help you rest easy knowing you’re more adequately covered. Contact us to learn more today.

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