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Real Estate Investment

Whether you invest in real estate or you sell properties to buyers, you find yourself busy with the day-to-day operations of running your business. You likely have so much on your plate, between upkeep at your properties and showing potential tenants new spaces, that you may lack time to devote to financial matters.

Outsourcing those services to a real estate tax accountant can save you time and money. SD Mayer & Associates is one of the premier CPA firms specializing in real estate in the Silicon Valley area. We take care of your taxes and other financial concerns, freeing you to concentrate on your business. We partner with many real estate agents and investors around the Bay Area, across the country and throughout the world

What CPA Services Do We Offer For Real Estate Agents and Investors?

We act as a financial advisor for property investment and property sales. Our services are focused on companies with 1,000 employees or fewer. They include:

  • Bookkeeping and accounting for real estate. We maintain day-to-day services, like accounts payable and receivable or payroll. We can work remotely or in-house based on your needs.
  • Real estate auditing services. Do you face an audit? Using our audit services, we can help you prepare as well as run risk assessments that can decrease your chances of being flagged for a violation in the future.
  • Real estate tax services. You want to keep as much of your income as possible, and we can find ways to do that using our extensive knowledge of tax codes. We can also help you avoid costly noncompliance penalties through our tax services.
  • Real estate investment and agent consulting and advisory services. Real estate cash flow can ebb and flow based on market conditions and whether your properties are occupied seasonally. With our advisory services, we can assist you with achieving positive cash flow by obtaining a line of credit or securing financing that will give you a steadier source of income throughout the year.
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Real Estate Investment Advisory Services

We can guide those investing in properties toward optimal results through real estate investment advisory services, including insights into how to:

  • Determine tax rates for top-bracket investors and whether they will rise.
  • Limit active losses.
  • Deduct interest expenses and determine how the depreciation may adjust.
  • Calculate carried interest changes.

We also do our best to limit your active losses.

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Real Estate Investment Advisory Services for Agents

Agents spend most of their time looking out for their clients. They often lack the space in their schedule to learn ways to save money on taxes and in other areas. Here are some ways we can help:

  • Flagging potential tax return deductions, such as continuing education, MLS fees, vehicle expenses, real estate licensing costs and marketing expenses, such as website or social media management.
  • Maintaining records properly.
  • Classifying employees correctly.
  • Providing backup in case of data loss or an audit.
  • Putting expenses under the proper designations.
  • Performing real estate agent trust account audits
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Working with SD Mayer as a Real Estate Agent or Investor

Calling on SD Mayer & Associates saves you the hassle of having to learn new skills. We bring experience and expertise to the table and can hit the ground running as soon as we begin working for you. We understand the tax issues and other concerns you face because we have worked with other real estate investors and agents before, and we apply that knowledge to everything we do for you.

When you enlist our services, it can free you up to concentrate on the things that grow your business. Investors can enjoy more time to scout for new properties. Agents can gain time with their potential clients to research and find them the perfect property.

Your energy should go into growing your business, not performing payroll-related tasks that will take you much longer than it will take our experts. We provide the ability to get things done quickly and accurately, so you don’t have to worry anymore.

The Benefits of Working with SD Mayer & Associates

We take an inclusive, holistic approach to finances. That means we believe each part of your business is connected, and we understand that making a change in one area can impact many others. We believe nothing is achieved in isolation. We consider your entire financial situation, including investments, taxes, insurance and accounts payable and receivable.

We can identify the areas where you need to take action to achieve your financial goals through holistic financial planning. We can also help you determine what those financial aims should be. We’ll help you with one area of your finances by understanding them all.

The holistic approach gives us a great overview of your situation and allows us to aid you in other areas as well, including:

  • Increasing efficiency. We train our accountants to understand real estate issues thoroughly. Our team can provide insights you may not have considered before.
  • Saving time. Take care of your to-do list without worrying about your financial issues. We reduce the number of things you have to monitor and free you to focus on your job.
  • Lowering costs. Outsourcing costs less than hiring an accountant on your staff and may help boost your profits.
  • Providing lifetime value. When we understand your big-picture needs, we can offer all the services you require and become a one-stop shop for your financial well-being.

As a small firm, we also provide more personalized service and attention to our clients, including outstanding communication.

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No matter which side of the real estate industry you’re on, you’ll almost certainly benefit from gaining more time to devote to your primary focus. We take care of the things you don’t have the time or expertise to handle, so you can work more closely with clients or engineer your next deal.

We can help with a range of needs, from taxes to accounting and bookkeeping. We can also aid you with wealth management and investment property financial advisor services. If you need a real estate CPA in the Bay Area and beyond, get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help you.