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Financial Education Services

The key to building financial literacy is learning from someone who wants to see you grow. At SD Mayer, we provide financial literacy services for individuals at any stage in life. We’re a premier source of insightful information, and our dedicated money experts can help clarify topics from budgeting to saving for retirement. Browse our educational resources to learn about the most important finance topics. 

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Should I Pursue Financial Literacy Education? 

Financial literacy education is valuable to individuals at any point in life. The better you understand various broad and granular monetary concepts, the more control you’ll have over your future. Our financial education offerings are available to you whether you’re a recent college graduate or an experienced entrepreneur. We fill our curriculum with useful information for people of any age and background, so explore our resources to see what you can learn. 

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Financial Education Services

We partner with the 5 Buckets Foundation to provide resources on a wide range of financial literacy topics. The 5 Buckets Foundation aims to improve the public’s financial awareness. Our partnership builds on the belief that communities prosper when each individual knows how to make the most of their monetary situation. 

With SD Mayer and the 5 Buckets Foundation, you’ll traverse an engaging curriculum covering essential personal finance topics. Our resources teach individuals to understand budgeting, credit cards, investing, taxes, insurance and much more. Each resource is carefully curated to present the material in a way that promotes retention. 

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5 Buckets Foundation Resources

The 5 Buckets Foundation’s educational resources operate on a simple analogy. Your life is an ever-changing beach covered in sand — money. As you navigate the beach of life, you fill buckets with sand in hopes of building a beautiful sand castle. 

The best way to gather sand is to use five buckets and dedicate each one to a specific purpose, including spending money, investments, personal assets, insurance and retirement. Over time, you’ll move money between the buckets, pick up more sand and let some sand go. With the right planning, you can maintain a steady amount of sand in each bucket to have an amazing castle and enough extra sand to use elsewhere. 

The 5 Buckets Foundation communicates this analogy and many critical financial lessons through various books and presentations. You can access all 5 Buckets Foundation resources through SD Mayer. 


The 5 Buckets Foundation offers two insightful books — “Adulting 101: A Guide to Personal Finance” and “5 Buckets, 4 Shovels, and a Beach Map: A Guide to Financial Security.” “Adulting 101” covers important topics for young adults to know as they begin earning and saving. Meanwhile, “5 Buckets, 4 Shovels, and a Beach Map” covers the five buckets principle in full detail. All proceeds from the 5 Buckets Foundation’s books directly support the foundation’s efforts to boost financial literacy in all age groups. 


The 5 Buckets Foundation’s presentations are in-depth discussions led by experienced financial communicators. Attending these presentations can help expand your knowledge in this area and create an opportunity to learn from others’ situations. The 5 Buckets Foundation presents financial education at companies, schools, charities and other organizations. Courses include: 

  • Adulting 101: An Introduction to Financial Literacy
  • How 5 Buckets and 4 Shovels Can Help You Achieve Financial Security
  • Combination: Adulting 101 — 5 Buckets and 4 Shovels

Additional Financial Resources 

When it comes to financial literacy, there is always room for an individual to learn and grow. We offer numerous resources to help you expand your knowledge and advance your monetary situation. Our online resource library is home to various blogs, webinars, podcasts, case studies and e-books that cover important topics. We also offer a full suite of wealth management services that connect you with knowledgeable consultants who can teach you how to build your net worth. 

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SD Mayer is a financial service provider dedicated to improving monetary literacy among all groups. As a small but passionate organization, we take an all-inclusive approach to financial services and education while forming close relationships with our clients. We encourage you to contact us online for more on our education opportunities.

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