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Corporate Retirement Planning Services

Attracting and retaining productive, qualified employees is challenging in today’s competitive work environment. Organizations must ramp up their efforts by providing access to the services that today’s workers desire, including retirement planning.

At SD Mayer & Associates, we support company owners and senior management in the San Francisco Bay area and beyond by providing a comprehensive suite of retirement planning services for businesses. By serving as your trusted advisor, we help you solve your most daunting financial challenges and allow your organization to strategize for future growth.

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The Importance of Corporate Retirement Planning

Retirement planning services are essential for any corporate entity seeking to help its employees maximize their earnings and savings for future use after leaving the workforce. Our solutions also assist workers nearing retirement in gaining a better understanding of the available savings strategies, allowing them to make more informed financial decisions. 

The SD Mayer process involves collaborating with our clients to identify their goals and objectives and develop a targeted course of action that meets their specific needs. We help to uncover different methods for optimizing investments and profitability.

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The SD Mayer Advantage

Our experienced advisors implement a unique set of skills and insights when developing corporate retirement plans for businesses across a broad spectrum of industries. We collaborate with CFOs, human resources professionals, employee benefits administrators and other key members of the organizational leadership team throughout the process, removing the burden from their shoulders.

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Our Retirement Planning Services for Businesses

We have the expertise to develop a custom program encompassing these and other types of retirement plans.

401(k) Setup

Offering these plans allows your employees to allocate a percentage of their earnings for retirement savings on a pre-tax basis. You’ll be able to match all or a portion of their contributions. You could also provide a Roth 401(k) option that enables employees to make tax-free withdrawals upon retirement.

Our retirement consultants can help you research all the available options when choosing a 401(k) provider, including finding one that offers administrative and recordkeeping services. These plans typically include several options — we can help you select the ones that will best meet your employees’ needs.

Offering this type of retirement plan, especially when you match the contributions, can help you attract talented employees and entice them to stay with your organization. They’ll recognize that you’re concerned about their financial welfare and want them to remain productive members of your team for many years.


We recognize that planning for retirement is a crucial step for your employees. We can help your workers gain more clarity when choosing the best program for themselves and their families to help them reach their long-term financial objectives.


Many smaller corporations don’t have the capabilities to manage a retirement plan in-house. We can provide third-party administrative services that allow you to outsource this time-consuming but essential task and devote more of your resources to other areas.


Retirement plans are heavily regulated, which can lead to significant penalties for organizations that don’t comply. By keeping abreast of the frequently changing laws and regulations that impact your retirement plans, we can ensure your corporation meets every requirement.

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Our corporate retirement planning services are part of our holistic approach to helping businesses like yours achieve their financial objectives. Our strategic San Francisco location enables us to serve organizations in Silicon Valley, the larger Bay Area and across the United States. 

Contact SD Mayer today to learn more about our retirement planning services for businesses and how they can benefit your organization.

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