Working With Valuation And Corporate Finance Advisors

SD Mayer has assembled a highly respected and professional team of financial valuation advisors at our offices in the Bay Area and Menlo Park. This has allowed us to serve organizations of all sizes across the country.

Your development, investments and industry may impact your business valuation. The methods used in valuation, why you need the valuation and local rules and guidelines in your area can also play a role. SD Mayer has worked with companies across industries and around the country, so our comprehensive understanding of business valuation helps us deliver the services you need.

Our team of business valuation advisors understands how businesses deploy invested capital and returns may be shaped in the future. Experience with many valuation methods means we can use cost, market or income approaches as well as other accepted methods.

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We create business valuations with the right purpose in mind. Our reports can include details about your company, analysis, assumptions, drivers, detailed exhibits, inputs and assumptions. We can provide evidence of our conclusion, too, ensuring the valuation is defensible.

If you need business valuation services, trust the experienced professionals at SD Mayer to meet your business needs. Contact our San Francisco Bay Area offices to learn more about how we can serve you, regardless of where your company is based.

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