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Private Client Services helps clients protect their assets and lifestyles through personal accounting services — while offering lasting peace of mind.

As your net worth grows, your financial risks become more complex. SD Mayer has helped affluent individuals and families understand these risks, while providing insurance consultation and risk management solutions to address them.

Each new Private Client Services relationship begins with a comprehensive risk analysis to understand your unique needs and profile. With that information, we will build a personal property and liability insurance program specifically tailored to your lifestyle. Throughout your relationship with SD Mayer, you will have a dedicated personal risk advisor who monitors your program over time to help ensure it keeps pace with your changing financial circumstances.

We work with the nation’s top specialty insurance carriers serving individuals and families of wealth to help you choose appropriate customized insurance solutions and personal accounting services.

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Services Offered

  • Marital Dissolution

    During a divorce proceeding, the tax implications of your settlement are often overlooked among all the other matters that are being decided. SD Mayer’s marital dissolution services provide the analysis and the options that you need to choose a settlement that minimizes your tax burden.

    Our specialists work closely with your legal team to determine a fair settlement and ensure that there are no financial surprises once the divorce has been finalized. We address issues such as: financial lifestyle assessments, preparation of court-required financial affidavits and reviews of the opposing side’s information, tax structure, settlement negotiation, long-term cash flow analysis and plans. SD Mayer’s private client specialists also consider wills, trusts, family wealth transfer and other related issues.

    Through the myriad tax planning services we provide, we strive to maximize your settlement outcome, ensure your long-term financial stability and protect your assets.

  • Trust & Estate Planning

    You work hard to pass on a personal and financial legacy to your family. With the right strategy in place, you can ensure that legacy endures for future generations. SD Mayer’s estate tax professionals help you mitigate the gift and estate taxes that can erode family wealth. We design estate and wealth transfer plans that minimize both lifetime transfer tax and/or taxes due at death to maximize the wealth retention for your family and heirs.

    Our estate planning specialists get to know your unique circumstance and goals in order to bring you the appropriate solutions.

    Additionally, our estate planning services assist with family gift program development, charitable gift planning, document review and life insurance review. We also provide a suite of tax-related valuation services to help you accurately value your assets for estate planning and gifting purposes.

  • Wealth Management

    The key to building wealth is not just to make more money; wealth is your net assets. In order to sustain the money you make today, you must create a pattern of saving, minimizing risk, and selecting the correct investments.

    With over thirty years of business experience, our wealth management professionals at SD Mayer will work hard to help you reach your desired level of wealth. Together, we can uncover your path to a profitable future.

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