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Small and medium-sized businesses often need help preparing for or executing an audit to meet today’s stringent regulatory requirements. A trusted third-party auditing service that specializes in working with organizations with up to 1,000 employees can serve as a valuable business partner.

SD Mayer offers a variety of external audit, compilation and review services to SMB clients in Silicon Valley, the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Our expert audit services help nonprofits and private organizations manage risk more effectively and enhance business performance. We’ll take the time to understand the unique challenges your organization faces, enabling us to plan and execute a comprehensive, efficient audit that addresses these issues.


Added Value for your Business

At SD Mayer, our audit, assurance and advisory services procedures are tailored to address the risks facing each of our clients and to focus on the areas that matter most. Our goal is not only to provide the desired services to our clients in an efficient way, but also to add value to their business. We help you assess and ensure the quality of information used to make critical decisions, formulate solutions to business problems, and evaluate the financial performance of your company.

Our experts at SD Mayer are available to our clients year round to discuss any areas of concern and to help them interpret and apply the new accounting rules that have the greatest impact on their business. With our audit services, clients receive the most up-to-date information offered in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We Understand Your Organizational Needs

When SD Mayer performs an audit, a critical step is understanding our client’s operations and the unique factors which differentiate your company. We develop a thorough understanding of your activities, operating systems, personnel and special needs. We use this information to plan a complete but efficient audit; areas which require more attention are identified and unnecessary or redundant procedures are eliminated. Our team ensures that all aspects of the organization are scrutinized to ensure fiscal health of the organization. We have tailored our approach based on our advanced understanding of nonprofits, startups and public & private companies, audit requirements and the unique needs of your specific organization.

We Focus on Solving Problems

As a smaller business advisory firm, SD Mayer provides the personalized service and attention that your organization deserves. We believe in open communication — our goal is to establish and maintain relationships with each client that extend beyond the initial engagement. We’re always available to discuss any areas of concern and keep you abreast of regulatory and other changes that impact your business. By helping you resolve your most pressing financial challenges, we strive to become your trusted advisor for life.

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We offer the following external audit services to our worldwide client base

Single Audits (A-133 Audits)

We conduct the A-133 audit, which is a requirement for all entities that receive $750,000 or more in federal funds during the fiscal year.

Agreed-Upon Audit Procedures

An agreed-upon procedure is a standard a company or client outlines when it hires an external party to perform an audit on a specific test or business process. The procedures, which are called audit standards, are designed and agreed upon by the entity conducting the audit, as well as any appropriate third parties.

Financial Statement Audit

Our audit services team will examine your organization’s financial statements and generate a report that attests to the fair presentation of these documents and any related disclosures.

Reviews, Compilations, & Preparation of Financial Statements

We can provide assurance to your stakeholders and others regarding the accuracy of your organization’s financial statements.

Employee Benefit Plan Audit

We’ll perform the mandatory audits of your organization’s employee benefit plans to ensure compliance with the Department of Labor requirements. This includes pension plans, 401(k) plans and 403(b) plans, ESOPs and others. While time-consuming, the annual audit is an important safeguard against fraud and abuse. With proper analysis, the audit can also help you more effectively and efficiently manage your employee benefit plan.

Risk Assessment & Mitigation

We can conduct a comprehensive risk assessment to determine your organization’s level of exposure to potentially harmful situations. We’ll also work with you to develop and implement a detailed mitigation strategy.

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