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Estate Planning Services

You’ve worked your entire life to accumulate wealth and valuable assets — when your work is done, you want to feel confident that your funds and assets will continue benefiting your family or close friends. At SD Mayer, we offer comprehensive services that can help individuals form and carry out plans for their estates. Request an appointment to speak with the San Francisco Bay Area’s premier estate planning advisors and see how we can assist you.

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What Is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is an essential component of wealth management. Estate planning involves deciding where your money will go after you are gone. While this can be challenging to think about, you are looking out for your loved ones by doing everything you can to financially prepare your family for this time. You want the best for them, and you want to know your wishes will be followed.

Estate planning encompasses the transfer of personal property and wealth after someone dies. Your estate includes a range of components, such as:

  • Savings
  • Real estate
  • Vehicles and other belongings
  • Pensions or retirement accounts

Estate plans are broader than just your will, which lays out the division of your assets. Usually, the will is included in the estate plan, which also covers the power of attorney, trusts, the designation of beneficiaries and more. Creating an estate plan makes it easier for your loved ones because it includes specifics and clearly lays out your plans for your assets. You can also use your estate plan to maximize what you leave behind.

Anyone can benefit from estate planning. No matter what your income level or personal property, you deserve the opportunity to say how you want your money distributed. The estate plan gives your loved ones a road map to follow after your passing, and it protects them from having to make big decisions they may feel uncertain about during an emotional period.

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Why Choose SD Mayer for Estate Planning?

Estate planning is an important task that requires support from diligent professionals. At SD Mayer, we offer the services you need to put your mind at ease. Here’s how we set ourselves apart as the premier wealth management and estate planning advisors in the Bay Area and beyond:

  • Services tailored to the individual: As a small wealth management firm, we implement a personalized approach that prioritizes relationships and optimizes estate planning strategies. 
  • Plans that consider every angle: You can count on us to develop a robust plan for your estate. We understand the state and federal laws that apply to estate transfers and form compliant plans. 
  • Advisors who have years of experience: Our team features experienced advisors with extensive estate planning portfolios. We’ll use our experience to find the ideal solution for your estate. 
  • Capabilities that advance your financial goals: We offer a wide range of wealth management services to help you grow your estate as you plan for its future. Work with us to develop, enact and analyze personal finance strategies. 
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Our Estate Planning Services

Partner with SD Mayer for comprehensive planning solutions.

Will Preparation and Execution

Establish your last will and testament to clarify how you wish to distribute assets. Our estate planners help ensure your will accurately represents your requests. We can also aid in appointing an executor who will oversee estate distribution.

Trust Creation and Management

Assign assets to a third party who will hold them until they transfer to your beneficiaries. We have experience creating and managing numerous types of trusts in ways that protect assets and minimize tax obligations.

Power of Attorney Directive Planning

Appoint a trusted individual to manage finances and property on your behalf. We can complete the necessary processes to grant power of attorney and provide guidance as you choose an individual for the role.

Asset Protection Planning

Secure your assets from flagrant taxation and creditor claims. We can develop an asset protection plan unique to your state. Our advisors know various asset protection methods and can enact the most appropriate strategies for your situation.

Business Succession Planning

Manage the transfer of your business with comprehensive financial guidance. Our advisors help you pass your business to the next generation, whether the recipient is a family member or a trusted partner. We can facilitate a smooth transfer and reduce tax risk.

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The Bay Area’s estate planning experts are here to help ensure your funds and assets go where they belong. Please contact us online to discuss your estate and schedule an appointment with an estate planning or financial planning consultant. 

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