Estate Planning

Estate Planning

SD Mayer provides estate planning services with locations in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area. We have assisted many people just like you with creating plans that their families can implement with ease. Learn more about our estate planning services and see how we can aid you with this critical part of financial planning.

Our Estate Planning Services

SD Mayer offers comprehensive estate planning services. As we plan, we keep several goals for our clients in mind. We want to minimize risk to protect your assets for the long term. Our financial advisors strive to protect your assets by complying with regulations at the local, state and federal level and ensuring you meet all tax burdens. Your safety and security are our top priorities as we plan for your future.

SD Mayer can assist you with every step of the estate planning process. Subjects we can discuss and plan for include:

  • Advise you on gift and inheritance taxes
  • Begin your wealth transfer planning
  • Designate beneficiaries for your accounts and assets
  • Make sure you leave behind the most money by carefully analyzing your investments and savings
  • Decide how to set up bequests to charities to give them the most significant benefit

We take the time to understand your biggest concerns about your estate and take care of them through your plan. We also monitor your planning for potential red flags, such as failing to plan for real estate tax liabilities. Our team revisits your estate plans with you regularly to update information based on new guidance or federal practices.

What Is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is an essential component of wealth management. Estate planning involves deciding where your money will go after you are gone. While this can be challenging to think about, you are looking out for your loved ones by doing everything you can to financially prepare your family for this time. You want the best for them, and you want to know your wishes will be followed.

Estate planning encompasses the transfer of personal property and wealth after someone dies. Your estate includes a range of components, such as:

  • Savings
  • Real estate
  • Vehicles and other belongings
  • Pensions or retirement accounts

Estate plans are broader than just your will, which lays out the division of your assets. Usually, the will is included in the estate plan, which also covers the power of attorney, trusts, the designation of beneficiaries and more. Creating an estate plan makes it easier for your loved ones because it includes specifics and clearly lays out your plans for your assets. You can also use your estate plan to maximize what you leave behind.

Anyone can benefit from estate planning. No matter what your income level or personal property, you deserve the opportunity to say how you want your money distributed. The estate plan gives your loved ones a road map to follow after your passing, and it protects them from having to make big decisions they may feel uncertain about during an emotional period.

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Wealth management is about more than planning for today. You want to prepare to look after your loved ones in the future. Estate planning ensures that your money remains productive and useful for your family and the causes dear to your heart. With an estate plan, you benefit the people you care about most and maximize the amount they will receive.

Smart financial planning demands staying up to date with state and federal regulations while understanding new options that could stretch your investments. Careful execution of your plan can give you the peace of mind you need. You show your loved ones your commitment to them by getting everything in order.

When you plan for your family’s future, you feel more secure knowing they will be cared for financially. Get the peace of mind that comes by taking the right proactive steps. Contact SD Mayer today to schedule an appointment.

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