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SD Mayer Private Client Services

You’ve worked hard to build your net worth. SD Mayer works hard to help you protect your assets. Our wealth management and accounting services for high net worth individuals and families can give you peace of mind as you reach your financial goals.

When you contact us for private client services, we begin with a comprehensive risk analysis, which gives us insight into your needs and current financial situation. We then build a personal liability and property insurance program. For as long as you partner with us, you have a personal risk advisor who keeps track of your program, making adjustments as needed to accommodate your current financial circumstances.

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High Net Worth Financial Planning and Private Accounting Services

The greater your wealth, the greater your need for financial planning and wealth management. High net worth management creates a roadmap you can follow as you save for retirement, grow your investments, minimize your tax burden and protect your family. SD Mayer is a full-service advisory and accounting firm that wants to help you reach your personal financial goals. 

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Why Choose SD Mayer for High Net Worth Accounting and Wealth Management?

Your finances don’t exist in a vacuum — they affect every decision you make and impact every area of your life. When we work with you, we look at the big picture and create an all-inclusive plan for you to manage your wealth strategically.

Our team’s skill set ranges from personal advising to bookkeeping, auditing and insurance advice. We examine where you are today and consider where you’d like to go one year, five years and 10 years in the future. With that information, we develop a comprehensive plan just for you.

We’re a smaller firm that gives every client our full and complete attention.

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High Net Worth Management and Accounting Services

Our high net worth financial management and accounting services include:

Accounting and Bookkeeping

We review your financial activities, bookkeeping methods and other processes to develop a solution that works for you. We’ll help you develop a streamlined system to pay bills, complete data entry and integrate your accounting software systems.

Retirement Planning

What do you see when you think of your retirement years? We can help you make the most of them. We can recommend appropriate retirement accounts for your financial goals and future needs. Once you’re ready to retire, we help make the transition a seamless one.

Financial Planning

Plan for the future and your financial goals with us. Whether you want to establish college savings or trust funds for your children, support your parents as they get older or manage your estate, we’ll provide insight and advice to help give you peace of mind about your future.

Investment Management

We can provide advice that helps you develop an investment strategy that builds income while providing some liquidity. We keep track of the market and help you stay informed of any notable changes that might affect your investments.

Personal Asset Management

The more assets you have, the more assistance you need managing them. We can evaluate your assets in various areas and help you develop a plan that can maximize your earnings potential.

Insurance Selection

Insurance protects you and your family from the unknown. We support you through the insurance selection process, helping you choose the policy that will best meet your needs.

Tax Planning

We analyze your income and assets and develop strategies that reduce your tax burden and can help you save money. We keep up-to-date on tax regulations and changes, so you’re always informed and aware of what’s changed and how those changes affect your finances.

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Turn to Us for Private Accounting Services

When you work with SD Mayer, we’ll strive to deliver excellence while helping you reach your financial goals. Contact us today to learn more about our private accounting and wealth management services.

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