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Our Approach To Financial Statement Audits

At SD Mayer & Associates, we provide expert financial audit services to ensure that documents are free of errors and meet all applicable financial statement audit requirements. We work with not-for-profit groups, corporations and small to mid-sized businesses around the globe to prepare comprehensive financial statement audit reports that you can use to make informed decisions. Our experienced team of financial statement audit advisors has the experience, skills and resources to deliver personalized solutions for your unique organization.

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Our Financial Audit Services

Our CPA-audited financial statements provide the highest level of assurance. They can ensure that your records are precise down to the smallest detail. With more than 40 years of experience serving clients across numerous industries, we have developed a multistep approach to help you gain the most benefit from your financial statement audit. We customize our process for each of our clients and can scale our approach to meet your unique needs.

Our Financial Audit Services +

In most cases, a financial statement audit report will include:

A personal approach:

We’ll get to know more than just your finances. Our team will work to become familiar with your industry, your organization’s core operating philosophy, the people you serve and the way you prefer to run your business.

Expert risk analysis:

Your financial statement audit advisor will document all of your key process controls, analyze them to identify relevant strategic risks and implement custom solutions designed to manage those risks.

Efficient, effective auditing

Our auditing process is the result of over four decades of refinement. Our CPAs and financial statement audit advisors will efficiently review your documentation and submit your financial statement audit report fast.

Experienced Financial Statement Audit Advisors

Whether you’re looking to satisfy regulatory requirements or take advantage of a professional assessment of your financial documentation, our financial audit services can provide the perfect solution. We apply a holistic approach to our financial accounting and advisory services. Through developing your financial statement audit report, we will gain a deeper understanding of your organization that we can use to help you succeed.

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SD Mayer & Associates is your partner for Accounting + Advisory for Life™, and we can help you accomplish your goals. We have extensive experience serving small to mid-size businesses, private and publicly traded corporations, local and state governments and organizations throughout the nonprofit sector. To take advantage of our professional financial audit services from our Bay Area or Silicon Valley offices, send us a message online.

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