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At SD Mayer, we take a holistic approach to business consulting. Using problem-solving, creative thinking and innovation, we help companies uncover and remedy issues preventing them from reaching their full potential. Our services include solar energy accounting, auditing and renewable energy business consulting. 

As the trusted advisors of numerous businesses in Silicon Valley and the greater San Francisco Bay Area, we use our expertise to closely examine each financial concern while keeping an eye on the bigger picture. 

Renewable Energy Accounting and Auditing for a Greener Future

As a renewable energy company, you understand the importance of tapping into all available resources to give your business the upper hand. As your organization expands, it’s essential to partner with a consulting firm that can interpret complex regulations, obtain tax credits and secure funding opportunities on your behalf. We offer accounting for solar power plants, renewable energy companies and more. 

Our Services

Our years of experience help us provide an extensive list of services so your company can reach its true potential. We’re committed to helping your business succeed by providing tools to identify and understand the financial implications of your decisions, big and small. Our services include:

  • Business advisory: Our business advisory plan can keep your company efficient and lucrative. We offer strategic and succession planning advice, budgeting, forecasting and reporting. We can also assist as you navigate bankruptcy, a merger or acquisition. 
  • Outsourced accounting: You can reduce labor costs by using our outsourced accounting service. Our aim with renewable energy accounting is to save your business money and mitigate tax obligations. 
  • Wealth management: At SD Mayer, we have a specialized team dedicated to wealth management. Our team prioritizes your bottom line by identifying funding sources and securing tax credits. 
  • Retirement benefit plans: We can save your business time and resources by designing, organizing, implementing and maintaining your company’s retirement plan. Our team’s main objective is to ensure your plan is compliant with the Employment Retirement Income Security Act. 
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Assistance at Every Step

Whether you’re in the planning stage, working on an expansion or ready to retire, SD Mayer offers tax advice and consultancy expertise every step of the way. We have advisory services for every stage of the business lifecycle, including:

  • Funding and launch. 
  • Startup.
  • Growth and establishment.
  • Expansion.
  • Maturity.
  • Exit and retirement. 

Why Partner With SD Mayer?

At SD Mayer, we’re committed to offering our clients quality accounting and consultancy services. Our knowledgeable team has expertise in business advisory for renewable energy companies, which allows us to identify and implement saving opportunities for your unique needs. 

As a smaller firm, we offer personalized services with exceptional attention to detail. Our holistic approach to business consulting, innovative thinking and creative problem solving allows us to provide accounting and advisory for life. 

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