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At SD Mayer & Associates, our audit, review and compilation services are ideally suited for nonprofit and for-profit organizations as well as private and publicly owned businesses. When you hire our team to review your documentation, you’ll gain the benefit of having your financial statements assessed, compiled and reviewed by experienced CPAs. Our services provide the peace of mind you need and the assurance your donors, board members, investors, lenders and other stakeholders want.

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Financial Statement Audit, Review And Compilation Tailored To Your Needs

Depending on your organization type, size and financial objectives, a financial statement audit, review or compilation may be the most appropriate solution. These services involve different examination levels for your financial statements, providing varying levels of assurance. No matter which solution you require, you can depend on solutions driven by the most up-to-date regulatory information and required procedures.

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Our professional audit, review and compilation services include:


Audits by SD Mayer & Associates provide the highest level of assurance. During an audit, we will inspect your financial statements and make sure they conform to the U.S. generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) or your requested accounting standard. Our audits are extensive and include a thorough examination of your organizational finances, including current inventory values, balance verification with third parties, testing transaction assertions and more.


Our CPA-reviewed financial statements provide limited assurance. These services are less complex than an audit but give more in-depth insights than CPA-compiled financial statements. With the benefit of accountant-reviewed financial statements, you can gain a clearer perspective on your financial position, get high-level insight into your policies and procedures and analyze data trends. We follow all procedures required by the Statement of Standards for Accounting and Review Services (SSARS).


Compilations are appropriate for privately held businesses and corporations as a valuable tool for presenting financial data. Companies often use CPA-compiled financial statements to help persuade banks or other lending institutions to approve a loan. These services provide the simplest level of insight out of the three. Our experts present their findings in a compilation but will not give an opinion on the data or be in a position to offer assurance.

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To learn more or schedule an audit, review or compilation of your financial statements in the Bay Area or with the team in our Silicon Valley office location, reach out to us today.

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