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If you’re part of the entertainment industry, you likely handle an abundance of responsibilities in your day-to-day — but your finances don’t have to be one of them. When you turn over your tax and accounting duties to experienced financial advisors, you can further your organization without fixating on complicated financial matters.

SD Mayer & Associates has a team of skilled and knowledgeable entertainment industry tax accountants who can lift the weight of financial responsibilities from your shoulders. We offer tax and accounting services worldwide, with offices located across the Silicon Valley and Bay Area.


When you sign on with SD Mayer, you can secure your company’s financial future with our entertainment industry advisory services:

  • Outsourced accounting: Through our outsourced accounting, payroll and bookkeeping services, our reliable accountants will manage your everyday transactions remotely or in-house. We’ll create a personalized solution scalable to your changing needs while reducing your overall expenses.
  • Tax planning: We’ll help your entertainment company stay compliant with tax laws while saving money on your tax returns. Our advisors offer various tax preparation services to address your unique challenges, minimizing your liability and maximizing your cash flow.
  • Audit and assurance: If you have an upcoming IRS audit, we’ll help you prepare through our audit and assurance services. We can also help you manage your company’s risks to prevent the likelihood of future audits, executing thorough and efficient audit plans tailored to your individualized needs.
  • Business advisory: We understand the variable nature of the entertainment industry. That’s why we offer business consulting services to help you manage your funds more efficiently year-round through financing or opening a line of credit.

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At SD Mayer, our holistic approach to financial services sets us apart from other advisory and accounting firms. We look at the bigger picture to provide the most individualized solutions.

We take the time to understand your unique financial needs to discuss where and how you can improve your company’s finances. When you work with us, you’ll receive personalized services geared toward fulfilling your immediate needs and delivering lifetime value.

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Benefits of Working with Entertainment Industry Tax Accountants from SD Mayer

Investing in financial services through SD Mayer means you’ll enjoy all the advantages of partnering with our expert tax accountants:

  • Increase efficiency: Our highly qualified accountants have extensive experience assisting companies in the entertainment industry. You can trust that we have the expertise needed to deliver the most valuable financial insights.
  • Save time: When you hire our tax accountants, you’ll spending less time dealing with complicated financial matters and more time focusing on running your business.
  • Minimize costs: While some entertainment companies hire in-house bookkeepers to handle their taxes, outsourcing these services is much more cost-effective and eliminates the expenses associated with compensating salaried employees.
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Work with Expert Accounts in the Entertainment Industry at SD Mayer Today

Get the most value from your company’s finances with assistance from entertainment industry tax accountants at SD Mayer. We pride ourselves on our all-inclusive holistic approach to financials, offering personalized services and attention paired with exceptional communication.

Contact us to learn more about our services today!

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