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Why Choose SD Mayer for Business Advisory Services?

SD Mayer serves as a trusted advisor to many businesses. We have a reputation for problem-solving, creativity and innovation. Many times, we uncover issues that business owners may not have considered. Our extensive experience has taught us the importance of looking at every financial concern from a greater perspective and always considering the big picture.

We take a holistic approach, learning everything we can about our clients’ unique situations. We want you to succeed, and we believe part of that is considering the implications of your financial decisions from every point of view.

Other advantages of choosing SD Mayer as your business advisory consultant include:

  • Small size of our firm: We give our clients individualized attention and tailor every plan to their unique needs, unlike bigger firms that make decisions based on numbers.
  • Variety of expertise: We offer a range of services, including taxes and bookkeeping. If you are already working with us in one area, we may be able to help you in another.
  • Lifetime value: We stay with our clients for years and build up valuable knowledge of their business and their goals. We rely on this knowledge to plan strategies for your company and advise you on other financial matters.

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Individual & Business Advisory and Consulting Services

SD Mayer offers a comprehensive suite of services dedicated to helping you as a trusted financial advisor and business advisor.  We have advisory services for every stage of your personal or business lifecycle.

Seed Funding and Conception


Like conceiving a child, businesses are born from just an idea and development begins. From the beginning, SD Mayer’s planning team can strategize with you to make sure that you understand the tax implications of the decisions you’re heading into and you will have financial security for your future.



By now, your business is born, named and registered and it’s time to get to work. As new parents of a business, you’ll need a team that can help you get through this nerve-wracking time.

Our tax advisors have the resources to provide strategic advice on how to best manage your cashflow through the murky tax waters. Our wealth management and retirement teams can help you plan ahead to meet your future goals—whether that’s college, retirement or future growth.

This can also be a good time to speak to our technology team to evaluate your systems and hit the ground running without overspending.

Growth & Establishment


The middle years can be tough—too young to be fully independent, but too old to be micromanaged. At this point, you can start to let go and delegate tasks to others, so that you can focus on other things. SD Mayer’s outsource team could handle your back office tasks, like bookkeeping, while you focus on the front office. As you move toward adulthood, the smart business decisions you’ve made will start to pay off.



During this stage, it’s natural to want to expand into new markets with new tax implications. SD Mayer will be by your side to help you navigate and course correct so that you can take advantage of new opportunities.

Maturity, Exit & Retirement


At the end of your life cycle, the decisions you have made come to full realization. The SD Mayer team can help you through reorganizations, downsizing or can even help you come up with an exit strategy.

Services Offered

Business Advisory Solutions

Our business advisory services encompass everything you need to keep your business running, from strategic planning advisory services to succession planning. Our team can help you through a bankruptcy or a merger/acquisition and complete all of the budgeting, forecasting and reporting you’ll need from our skilled advisory professionals.

Outsourced Accounting

Our Outsource Accounting team provides solutions to the accounting and financial needs of privately-held companies and nonprofit organizations. At SD Mayer, our solutions range from routine bookkeeping, to full-complement CFO/Controller/Treasurer roles, to all-encompassing “trusted business advisor” relationships.

Wealth Management

At SD Mayer, we are financial advisors the Bay Area can rely on for effective wealth management. Our specialized team is dedicated to extinguishing all concerns you and your family may have about your financial security through the careful interaction of a variety of tools.

Retirement Benefit Plans

SD Mayer’s corporate retirement services were created to support senior management with design, implementation and maintenance of your company’s retirement plan. Our objective is to make sure your plan is fully compliant with the fiduciary standards set forth in ERISA.

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Industries Served

Your niche industry and personalized needs don’t deserve a universal, textbook line of service. With expertise in a wide range of fields, we can devise a custom solution just for you. We offer services and consulting geared towards your organization’s financial development and success. Our passion guides us from the first consultation through solution implementation and follow-up meetings to ensure you receive top-quality advice and service throughout the process.

Based on your business goals, we create a custom plan that taps the powerful resources at SD Mayer to address every one of your concerns. After thorough consultation with your team, we devise a specialized solution that could blend a number of services from our different practice groups.

Construction & Real Estate
Consumer & Retail
Energy & Natural Resources
Entertainment & Media
Financial Services
Government & Public Sector
Healthcare & Life Sciences
Manufacturing & Distribution
Professional Services
Technology & Telecom

Why Use Business Advisory Services?

Consulting with a business advisor provides a range of benefits you may not have considered when you launched your business. Coming up with a good idea is only a small part of the equation. When starting a company, it’s important to consider the critical role that strategy and planning play in running a successful business.

By working with an experienced advisory firm such as SD Mayer, you can navigate the challenges of running a business. You will be equipped to deal with surprises, such as a sudden downturn in the market or a boom in sales that keeps you busy. By laying out possible scenarios and planning for them, you can improve your outcome. Our small business advisory services focus on preparation and forward-thinking while also identifying potential pitfalls you may not be able to anticipate.

Our vast experience in corporate budgeting and forecasting gives you critical insights into what’s on the horizon. We can’t predict the future, but we can help prepare you for it and cheer you on every step of the way. Our tax and business advisory services will put you in a more favorable position to achieve your dreams.

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Whether you want to develop a business advisory plan or you need assistance with taxes, SD Mayer can help. We have served many businesses like yours at all stages, from startups to established firms. Let us help you get your company to where you want to be. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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