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Winery Tax Services

A proactive industry-focused tax plan can help wineries identify the best opportunities to reduce tax exposure and stay compliant with complex state and federal tax laws. Your entity structure and accounting methods significantly impact tax planning. Investing time in building a trusted tax plan can mitigate tax bills and maximize assets.

At SD Mayer & Associates, we’ve walked alongside California wineries to build unique tax strategies. Our goal is to help you experience a seamless tax process with our expert services for organizations in Napa Valley, Silicon Valley, San Francisco and beyond. We’ll partner you with an expert advisor who can help you to minimize your tax payout while staying compliant with local and federal regulations.

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Tax Services Custom-Tailored to California Wineries 

The accounting professionals at SD Mayer understand your winery’s unique needs, from the terroir and tasting room all the way to final production and marketing. We know all about the daily record keeping, inventory valuation and capital costs for alcohol producers in California.

We can help your wine business with:

  • Corporate formation: The professionals at SD Mayer & Associates can help you develop your entity and tax plans for corporations, including wine start-ups. 
  • Farm management: Our team understands how to help you manage the taxes for your farm relationships, grape contracts and distributor agreements.
  • Local zoning: The experts on our team understand tax and regulatory regulations unique to the wine industry in California, including local zoning issues with city councils, planning commissions and boards of supervisors. 

All-in-One Tax Planning and Consulting 

SD Mayer has a vision for tax accounting that sets us apart from the competition in Napa Valley. Our team approaches taxation as one part of a larger financial picture that needs integrated solutions. We’re a comprehensive provider with a wide variety of services, including audit and assurance, tax, business advisory, outsourced accounting, wealth management and more. 

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Winery Tax and Accounting Services We Offer

As a winery tax firm, we offer a wide variety of services: 

  • Tax return preparation: Our CPAs have hands-on experience with vineyard deductions and the tax code for alcohol producers in California. Our team will accurately prepare your organization’s tax returns and schedules and file them on time. 
  • Audit assistance: Niche businesses and alcohol producers often face IRS audits. That’s why we offer comprehensive audit support services to make the process smoother and less stressful. 
  • Reporting and analysis: We’ll produce an in-depth report so your team can review how the cost of goods sold (COGS) impacts your bottom line. 
  • Tax advisory: You’ll have the opportunity to work one-on-one with an expert wine tax consultant who can help you prepare for the current tax year and avoid issues in the future.
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Find Out More About Filing Winery Taxes With SD Mayer & Associates

SD Mayer serves our clients from grape to glass with comprehensive tax and accounting services. With local offices near San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Napa Valley, we provide tax solutions to organizations across North America and the rest of the world. Reach out to our team online to find out more about partnering with us as your winery compliance firm.

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