Candidate and Employee Experience Planning

Candidate and Employee Experience Planning

Employees are the heart of your company, whether you have 10 or 1,000 of them. Candidate and employee experience planning helps you develop a plan to improve how your current employees feel about their roles and how candidates move through the hiring and onboarding process. The goal of employee experience planning is to increase your business’s talent acquisition and retention. The longer engaged, talented employees stay with your company, the lower your hiring costs and the better your team’s morale can be. 

SD Mayer offers hiring and employee experience services to help increase your company’s retention rates and align with your business goals. If you’ve been struggling to hire the right team members or keep people once you’ve hired them, turn to us for assistance.

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Why Improve the Hiring Process?

When your company posts a job opening, you want to find and hire the most qualified candidate who’s also a good fit for your business’s culture. The hiring process starts with locating and attracting the right candidates, then screening and interviewing applicants. The process finishes with selecting and hiring a new employee.

As there are many steps in the process, there are many opportunities for things to go off course. Improving your process keeps your team aligned with your company’s mission and goals and makes it easier to find the right person for the job. 

Improving the hiring process can involve:

  • Identifying the ideal person for the job.
  • Determining where to advertise the open position.
  • Creating a detailed job description for each role.
  • Developing a consistent screening and interview process.
  • Checking references and performing background checks.

Why Improve Employee Experience?

Once your company has hired candidates, ideally, they’ll continue to work for your company for as long as possible. High turnover rates aren’t good for your business’s finances and can lead to decreased employee morale. 

One way to increase retention rates is to improve the employee experience. Employee experience includes every interaction employees have with your company, from their interactions with their managers and co-workers to the overall business culture. It also includes employees’ experiences with technology and tools. 

Improving employee experience starts with developing a strategy. With an employee experience strategy, your company can see an improvement in your team’s productivity and satisfaction with their work. An employee experience strategy can include:

  • Rewarding high-performing team members.
  • Developing training and leadership programs.
  • Finding ways to use technology to meet employees’ needs.
  • Streamlining and improving the recruitment process.
  • Soliciting employee feedback and implementing it into the strategy.
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The SD Mayer Difference

Why choose SD Mayer for candidate and employee experience planning? We act as your company’s advisor, providing you with insights to help you solve your hiring and employee engagement concerns while paving the way for future growth. We take a fresh approach with each of our clients and work with you to develop a solution that’s as unique as your company. 

When your business partners with us, you can experience:

  • Increased efficiency: We can help you streamline your HR processes, improving hiring and simplifying employee engagement.
  • Cost savings: Employee turnover and long hiring processes are expensive. We’ll help you increase retention rates and maximize your candidate search, saving your company money. 
  • Increased confidence in employees: With a better hiring process and employee experience strategy, you can hire the right team members the first time around.
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Employee Experience and Hiring Services We Offer

When you work with us, take advantage of the following services:

Hiring and onboarding process developments

We’ll help you create onboarding processes that get new employees up to speed quickly and help them feel part of the team from the start.

Recruiting maps

We’ll support your company’s hiring priorities and pace with recruiting and interviewing maps.

New hire orientation

We can develop orientation processes to help new hires feel confident and learn about your company

Job description development

We’ll work with you to develop job descriptions that clearly outline positions’ responsibilities, required skills and roles.

Employee experience strategy

We can create an employee experience strategy that rewards team members and increases productivity.

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