Leadership’s Role During A Nonprofit’s Merger

Nonprofit leaders may think they can turn over the logistics of a merger or acquisition to their professional advisors. But executives and board members play a critical role during the five major phases of the merger process.

Compensating Nonprofit Board Members

Despite drawbacks, compensating board members may make sense for your nonprofit. But be careful to follow all applicable rules and regulations. Learn more.

When Should You Reconsider A Special Event?

Special events can be huge moneymakers for nonprofits. But sometimes they can be money pits, costing much more than the funds they raise. Here are some tips for avoiding an unprofitable event.

Make A Licensing Agreement Work For Your Nonprofit

When licensing agreements work, both charities and companies win. But to help ensure an arrangement doesn’t cause PR and other problems, you’ll need to perform due diligence before signing an agreement.

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