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Do you operate a foundation, charity, school, association or another type of nonprofit organization in the San Francisco Bay area? Given the need for greater transparency, closer government scrutiny and increasingly burdensome regulations, it can be challenging to maintain tax compliance.

At SD Mayer & Associates, we understand the precarious plight of nonprofits. That’s why we strive to remove the burden from your shoulders with our expert nonprofit tax services, serving organizations in San Francisco, Silicon Valley and beyond. You’ll work with a knowledgeable advisor who can help you stay compliant and ensure you don’t pay more taxes than you should.

Specialized Tax Services Tailored to Nonprofits

Many nonprofits must make the most of tight budgets and limited staff, and they may not have the in-house resources to keep up with tax law changes. By choosing us as your nonprofit tax advisor, you’ll receive actionable insights regarding the tax issues that impact your organization. You’ll be able to focus more time and energy on what matters most: fulfilling your nonprofit’s mission.

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A Holistic Approach to Tax Planning and Consulting

Our big picture approach sets SD Mayer apart from other nonprofit tax accountants in the Bay Area. We view taxation as one piece of a larger financial pie. We strive to deliver an integrated solution that provides lifetime value for our clients. It’s why we’ve achieved a nearly 100% retention rate with our nonprofit tax advisory clientele.

We believe that our personal approach makes us different from the rest of the nonprofit tax preparation firms. We specialize in working with organizations that have 1,000 employees or less. We’re more accessible than our larger competitors, and we’re available to provide a rapid response to your inquiries.

The nonprofit tax and advisory services we offer include:

  • Tax return preparation: Our CPAs have extensive knowledge of the tax code as it relates to nonprofits. We’ll prepare your organization’s returns and schedules accurately and file them in a timely manner. We’ll also use what we’ve learned about your operation to help you get ready for the next tax season.
  • Audit assistance: Nonprofits are frequent targets of IRS audits. We provide comprehensive audit support that makes the process more manageable — and much less stressful.
  • Reporting and analysis: You’ll receive detailed reports that enable you and your nonprofit’s board to dive deeper into the numbers and understand how they’re impacting your organization’s financial status.
  • Tax advisory: You’ll work with a trusted nonprofit tax consultant who is available to provide ongoing guidance and help you avoid future tax consequences.

Many SD Mayer staff members have served on nonprofit boards, so we can bring a real-world perspective to the implementation of these services and deliver meaningful results.

Learn More About Our Nonprofit Tax Services

SD Mayer has offices in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, but we provide nonprofit tax services to organizations across the U.S. and around the world. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of making us your nonprofit tax advisor.

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