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International Tax Preparation Services

One challenge that companies face when expanding internationally is understanding all the potential tax ramifications. And if you’re a private citizen who relocates to another country, your tax situation can get complicated quickly.

Whether you’re a business owner or multinational individual or family, you need a reliable tax strategy that limits your financial liability and reduces the risk of costly mistakes. SD Mayer offers international tax planning services in the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley and beyond. We’ll serve as a trustworthy international tax consultant, no matter where you live or work.

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Unlike other international tax CPA firms in San Francisco and beyond, we take a holistic approach to serving our clients’ financial needs. We understand that taxes represent only one aspect of the bigger picture. If you’re a business owner, we’ll integrate taxes into a comprehensive financial strategy. For individuals, we’ll help you understand the tax implications on other areas of your finances like estate planning, investments and retirement planning.

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We Have Extensive International Tax Planning Experience

The team at SD Mayer has unrivaled expertise to keep you compliant with all applicable U.S. and foreign tax laws. We have connections with leading international tax preparation firms to coordinate the planning and compliance steps. Our efforts can help you achieve the ultimate goal of minimizing your business or personal tax burden.

Areas where we can assist you include:

  • Consulting: The confusing nature of taxes can leave you with lots of questions. As your international tax consultant, we’ll provide all the answers you need to navigate these often turbulent waters.
  • U.S and state tax return preparation: We’ll help you prepare and file your federal returns (and state returns if required), including any applicable schedules and forms.
  • Small business returns: SD Mayer specializes in working with businesses with 1,000 employees or less, as well as self-employed individuals or people with various business interests.
  • Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR): The Bank Secrecy Act stipulates that you must report certain foreign accounts to the IRS and maintain transaction records. We can assist you in managing this process.
  • Compliance: U.S. citizens living outside the U.S. sometimes fall behind on their taxes or experience complications when filing. As your international tax accountant, we’ll untangle the red tape and help you stay compliant.

About SD Mayer

SD Mayer & Associates is a rapidly expanding, full-service accounting and consulting company that’s been named one of the top accounting firms in the San Francisco Bay Area. Although we operate offices in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, the scope of our operations extends nationally and globally. As a client-focused accounting and advisory firm, we’ll always provide the individualized attention you demand and deserve.

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