Audit Services for Educational Institutions

Custom Audits for Educational Institutions

Years of experience and extensive industry knowledge enable our audit services team to develop and implement a comprehensive auditing process tailored to your educational institution’s unique requirements.

We’ll begin by preparing and presenting a detailed auditing plan that includes critical elements such as:

  • Overview that outlines the basis of the audit, the approach to the process and key dates in the auditing cycle
  • Important details of the auditing procedure
  • Summary of the impact of any changes that impact the institution and their accounting/financial implications

This process ensures we deliver audit and advisory services that address the risks that have the most significant impact on your institution. We’ll also help you assess and verify the quality of the information so you can make intelligent business decisions moving forward.

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Implementing a Big Picture Approach

At SD Mayer, we view education auditing as one aspect of assessing an institution’s financial health and performance. We are a total solutions provider that offers an integrated approach, helping each client achieve its short-term and long-term operational and business objectives. By taking the time to gain a full understanding of your financial needs, we can offer a variety of complementary services tailored to your organization’s unique requirements.

If you need capable higher education or private school auditors that deliver fast, accurate results and serve as trusted financial advisors, SD Mayer can help. We offer a variety of premium auditing and business advisory services for educational institutions throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley and beyond. Educational entities of all types and sizes depend on our knowledge and expertise to stay compliant and meet their financial and operational objectives.

Our Audit Services for Education

SD Mayer offers an extensive selection of services that will add value to your higher education institution or private school:

  • Single auditsThe reporting of A-133 audit findings can be challenging for many institutions, especially when attempting to maintain eligibility for federal aid programs. We will generate findings that are consistent with Department of Education policies, which minimizes the risk of compliance-related financial penalties.
  • Employee benefit plan auditsWe perform a comprehensive review of your institution’s employee benefit plans as mandated by the Department of Labor. Our audit can also uncover potentially fraudulent financial activities and enable you to manage your program more efficiently.
  • Risk assessmentAs with other organizations, educational institutions face a variety of risks that can jeopardize their financial standing or cause irreparable damage. We’ll conduct a thorough assessment to identify, evaluate and prioritize these threats and develop a carefully crafted mitigation strategy.
  • Financial statement auditsOur auditing team will thoroughly examine public or private school financial statements and related disclosures and generate a detailed report of our findings. We’re able to scale our approach to meet various reporting requirements.
  • Reviews/compilationsIf required, we will provide various levels of assurance to stakeholders and other impacted parties regarding the accuracy of the financial information you provide.

How SD Mayer Is Different From Other Education Auditors

Working with SD Mayer offers a variety of additional benefits, including:

  • Personalized service: Choosing a large auditing firm can lead to frustration for many educational institutions. It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle and become just another account. As a relatively small organization, we’re able to focus on providing exceptional service to our clients. Our priority is to build lasting relationships to help you meet your long-term objectives.
  • Specialized expertise: The scope of our practice encompasses many types of small and medium-sized organizations, including educational institutions. Our targeted approach gives us unique insight into the financial needs of these entities and allows us to tailor our services to meet them.
  • Solutions-oriented approach: Our educational clients come to us when they have problems that require solutions. Our goal is to provide more clarity regarding the issues impacting the institution from a financial, operational and compliance perspective. We can then develop and implement a carefully crafted strategic plan that delivers a swift, accurate resolution.
  • Customized services: Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach to auditing, we recognize that no two organizations are alike. We’ll take the time to understand what makes your school or university different from the rest. Regardless of which audit services you select, we’ll adapt them to fit your circumstances.
  • All-in-one service provider: When you choose us as your private school or higher education auditor, you get access to a wide range of services that will add value to your organization. We serve as an education tax auditor and business advisor, and we can also perform outsourced accounting services. You’ll be able to move all your financial needs under one roof, which ensures convenience and consistency.
  • Clear lines of communication: At SD Mayer, we believe that honest, open communication is the cornerstone of a long, successful partnership. We’ll be available to answer your questions both during and after the audit process.

Serving Educational Institutions in San Francisco and Beyond

With offices in San Francisco and Menlo Park, SD Mayer serves educational institutions in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area as well as organizations across the United States and around the world. Depending on your situation, we can handle the auditing process at your office or remotely. Either way, you’ll receive the professional, attentive service you deserve.

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