Risk Assessment & Mitigation

Our Approach to Audit Risk Assessment, Audit Mitigation & Audit Risk Analysis Services

Managing risk and audit mitigation is a process that assesses a participant’s exposure to potentially harmful situations and develops a plan to prevent such exposure and to address it quickly if it occurs. An audit risk assessment is generally conducted as part of the needs assessment, audit mitigation and service planning process; it should utilize a person-centered approach.

An Extension of Your Business

Our Outsourced Accounting Group works as an extension of your business audit mitigation and to prepare you for risks by providing sustainable best practice recommendations. We understand that as your company grows, your risk profile changes, which is why we approach each engagement uniquely with a customized solution tailored just for your business. Our Outsourced Accounting Group’s services include:

  • Audit risk assessment
  • Preparation of management reports
  • Audit preparation
  • Audit mitigation
  • Cash management
  • Compensation consulting
  • Profit analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Budgeting

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Why SD Mayer

With a focus on applying technology and a fresh way of thinking to each client engagement, SD Mayer is transforming the nature of client service in the accounting industry. For our business clients, we are your trusted advisor, providing actionable insights to solve today’s business issues and strategize for future growth. For our individual clients, we focus on helping you achieve financial security through estate planning, investment guidance, insurance and tax planning, and retirement planning. Whatever life stage you or your business are in, SD Mayer will have your back as your trusted advisor.

Thought Leadership

Our Audit Team

Kelly Hsu
Audit Associate
Lukas Leuthold
Audit Associate
Stephen D. Mayer, CPA
Managing Partner & Founder
Kevin Wang, CPA
Audit Senior
Bonifacio Zablan
Professional Support Specialist
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