Private Wealth Management for High Net Worth Individuals

Wealth management is a crucial concern for high net worth individuals and families. You may be considering how to grow your investments, save for a comfortable retirement or protect and provide for your family long term.

SD Mayer & Associates is a full-service accounting and advisory firm dedicated to helping you reach your personal wealth management goals. Our expert team approaches financial services holistically, walking you through every step of the process. We care about providing personalized service and attention to each of our customers to help you stay ahead.

How SD Mayer Can Advance Your Financial Goals

When you partner with SD Mayer, we can develop an all-inclusive plan to help you strategically manage your wealth. We have extensive experience in various services, from bookkeeping and personal advising to auditing and business consulting.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Our expert team can handle all your accounting needs to help ensure your financial health in every area. We comprehensively assess your financial activities, bookkeeping systems and unique needs to create the right solution for you. We can handle a wide range of responsibilities – everything from paying bills to integrating accounting technology systems and completing data entry, making the process as efficient and accurate as possible.

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As a team, we are conscientious about quality control and stay up to date on policies and regulations. We also submit our procedures to peer review every three years through our American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) membership.

Financial Planning

We understand that you’ve invested time and effort into building your wealth for yourself and your family, and we’re here to help you protect your assets and pursue your financial goals. When you partner with us for financial planning, we can help you plan for all your financial life goals and provide for your family’s future — whether that’s creating college funds for your children, supporting your elderly parents or managing your estate. With thoughtful financial and legacy planning, you can provide for your family and enjoy peace of mind about the future.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning for high net worth individuals is crucial for reaching optimal financial growth. We can work with you to develop a wealth management plan and ensure you have secure retirement resources. Our goal is to help you choose the best retirement accounts for your needs and financial objectives. During retirement planning, we can prepare you to seamlessly transition from work to retirement with the income to pursue all your post-retirement plans.

Investment Management

We can help you develop a financial strategy that builds your wealth while managing your liquidity and income needs. Based on your goals, we can create a plan that includes developing the right investment portfolio for you. We balance a conservative approach with pursuing growth. As our investment advisory team monitors the market, we keep you thoroughly informed to stay ahead and make wise financial decisions. Whether you need us to handle your investments’ daily transactions or perform in-depth research on specific options, we work with you to help build your investments.

Insurance Selection

We guide you through the insurance process and help you select the best option for your situation and goals. We also work with you to keep your financial holdings secure, so you can pursue growth with confidence. Whether you’re considering life insurance, long-term care insurance, umbrella insurance or another option, let us help you select the right plan for your needs.

Personal Asset Management

Asset management is particularly complex for high net worth individuals and families, which is why we have experts available to help you navigate the process. We assess your financial holdings in diverse areas such as real estate and then work to help you save money and maximize your earnings on current investments. With strategic asset management, you can weather economic downturns and unforeseen events and continue to grow your assets.

Tax Planning

We provide collaborative, innovative tax services that comply with regulations and are flexible to your needs. Drawing on in-depth insights, tax technology and specialty team expertise, we carefully work to find sound strategies to help you save on tax payments. We also monitor tax regulations and business activity to help you stay informed and proactive in the fast-changing financial world.

Trust SD Mayer for Private Wealth Management

At SD Mayer, we genuinely care about our high net worth customers and seek to provide services with the highest level of excellence. Let our private wealth advisors help you reach your financial goals and grow your assets with accounting services and tax and financial planning. For more information, reach out to us today.

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