Outsourced Accounting for Startups in San Francisco

Why Choose SD Mayer's Startup Accounting Services in the Bay Area?

SD Mayer has gained a reputation as a firm you can trust for startup accounting services in Silicon Valley and beyond. Our outstanding customer service, the long-term results we achieve for our clients and the big-picture information we deliver make us the best choice for accounting services.

As a startup, you want an experienced partner you can rely on to take care of things you don’t have time for. Our vast experience gives us an edge. We understand how to accomplish all the duties you need, and we can hit the ground running the moment you hire us. Other benefits of working with SD Mayer include:

  • All-inclusive approach to financing: Our focus on holistic methods allow us to provide the overview you need to make smart, responsible decisions to help your startup grow.
  • Small firm: We stay intentionally small, allowing us to provide the personal focus lost at so many large firms.
  • Lifetime value: Once we become familiar with your business, including your financial strengths and weaknesses, we can provide the long-term guidance you need to meet your financial needs.

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As an accountant for startup businesses, we partner with you through every stage of your startup’s maturation, from the early launch days through establishment as a powerhouse in your field. Our belief in our clients and sound financial planning can help you through even the toughest times.

What Accounting Services Does SD Mayer Offer?

We can take care of all the standard functions of an accounting department. We tailor our approach to each client, relying on technology to provide the latest techniques and advice. We position you for future growth by taking what we learn about your company and making suggestions for the future.

Our company practices a holistic approach to finances. We build your financial profile based on experience, and we examine it to find ways you can prepare for the future. For startups, having a long-term vision can secure more financing and stability. Here are just a few other ways SD Mayer can assist you:

  • Preparing and filing taxes: During our annual tax planning meetings, we get ready for the coming year based on your company’s financial history.
  • Audit preparation: Whether you are audited by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or an angel investor, you must have the right documents available. We can perform risk management to mitigate your exposure.
  • Business advisory: When you need debt financing, lines of credit or grant applications, we can help you secure them. Use our tips on budgeting and strategy to prepare for a more prosperous future.
  • Reporting and analysis: We can present your board of directors with management account reporting, freeing you up to improve the goods and services you offer and attract more buyers.
  • Human resources consulting: We can set you up with automated payroll and benefits programs. Our team can also smooth the transition between outsourcing your accounting and bringing it in-house.

Even if you just need tips on troubleshooting Quickbooks®, our reliable and friendly team can help. SD Mayer provides trusted services when you need them, and we act as a partner in every sense of the word.

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Where Does SD Mayer Offer Outsourced Accounting for Startups?

We are based in the Bay Area — the location of many tech and other startups. Our helpful team members can visit your office, or work remotely if you prefer. We can also assist companies worldwide.

Why Use Outsourced Accounting for Your Startup?

The rush of launching a startup can quickly settle into a daily grind where you don’t have the right staff to assist with your venture. The positions of chief financial officer, controller and treasurer are responsible for critical decisions, but they also can be challenging to fill. You need staff dedicated to your company’s vision and who you can trust not to reveal information.

Stop searching for a unicorn candidate who checks all your boxes. Instead, rely on our outsourced accountant services for startup businesses. We take care of all the things you would usually leave for accounting, such as payroll, accounts payable and receivable, and more. In addition to looking after day-to-day tasks, we provide a holistic examination of your financial picture. We can identify places where you can save or should remain on your current course to realize the most significant long-term benefits.

Startups are busy places driven by a vision of providing a new product or service that either doesn’t exist or is not done well. People with vision and passion lead startups and often convince people to invest in them. Startups must be particularly careful with those investments, working to make them pay off. When you have a trusted financial professional with years of experience behind them, you can dismiss any fears your investors may have and look toward a successful future.

Using outsourced startup accounting services for your San Francisco startup offers cost flexibility. Instead of being locked into a full employee salary, you only pay for the tasks you need. You can cut back when you want and add more when you have the cash. For smaller startups, outsourcing also offers you the freedom to focus on growing your company as you and your small staff won’t feel distracted by accounting matters that can eat up valuable time.

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Startups have so much to worry about during their early years. Take a few items off your plate by hiring us to do the bookkeeping. We even make the process easy if you ever decide to switch to an in-house system, assisting with the recruitment and training of new accounting staff down the line.

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