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Our Approach

Our emerging growth sector outsource accounting group focuses solely on businesses that are looking for venture capital, are seed-funded or are in start-up mode exclusively. We help these types of businesses root, grow and expand to maturity by helping you set up your accounting processes and procedures and assisting you with building funding relationships, as well as, providing CFO-level oversight to ensure your success. Our team can help you formalize or set up your business structures, establish and implement your accounting systems and create processes and procedures for use. We offer a tailored approach to each client, based on our ongoing communication with you about your individual needs.

Outsourced Accounting Services

Monthly Close

We process your transactions, journal entries and financial statements at the end of each month so you don’t have to. What this means for you is more time to serve your clients, network with your peers and scout out new and emerging trends in your industry. If you have an inventory, we’ll handle the associated costs of goods and services and make sure your financial reports paint an accurate picture of where you stand. When you’re seeking new capital or leveraging existing capital, you’ll have accurate and timely reports at your finger tips.

Regulatory Compliance

All companies across every industry deal with the web of diverse regulatory requirements, stakeholder expectations and business model changes that are changing regularly. The challenge is keeping on top of the changes, while complying with current laws and regulations, and increasing shareholder value.  Our team of experts stay on top of emerging trends and regulatory updates to make sure that our clients always remain compliant.  Then, we provide guidance and strategic guidance to ensure that are able to manage expectations, change processes and optimize risk assessment policies.

Investor Reporting

Investor reporting is one of the cornerstones of companies looking for seed-funding or are in start-up mode. Being able to accurately handle inquires from shareholders and investors and provide timely reporting to those intersted in a company’s financial stability is key. Our outsource team ensures that your investor reports are accurate, timely and provide an overall real-time picture of the health of your company. Having the backing of SD Mayer further provides your investors and shareholders the assurance of transparency in your accounting and financial reporting.

Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)

Our outsourcing team plays a critical role in performing budgeting, forecasting and analysis that will support the corporate decision-making your CEO, CFO or Board of Directors is responsible for. Managing cash flow and through careful financial planning, we work with your CFO to evaluate the operational aspects of your company and ensure that you are mapping our a financial plan and achieving your goals. We look at business trends, review past performance and attempt to anticipate obstacles and potential problems, with an eye toward forecasting future financial results.

Policies, Procedures & Technical Accounting Memos

Policies and procedures create efficiences and ensure that all aspects of your accounting functions are being done in the same way each time. This minimizes errors and produces more timely, consistent reporting. Our team will help develop and implement these policies and procedures to set you up for success from the get go.

Why SD Mayer

With a focus on applying technology and a fresh way of thinking to each client engagement, SD Mayer is transforming the nature of client service in the accounting industry. For our business clients, we are your trusted advisor, providing actionable insights to solve today’s business issues and strategize for future growth. For our individual clients, we focus on helping you achieve financial security through estate planning, investment guidance, insurance and tax planning, and retirement planning. Whatever life stage you or your business are in, SD Mayer will have your back as your trusted advisor.

Improved Execution

Improve venture productivity by outsourcing back office duties so you can focus on your core goal—bringing your innovation to the marketplace.

Management Reporting

It is crucial for new businesses to know their financial standing to budget and convey performance to outside investors and other interested parties.

Industry Alignment

Most business ventures need assistance navigating the rules and regulations pertaining to their industry.

Financial Projections

Many companies fail due to under capitalization.  Benefit from SD Mayer's guidance on how to stabilize the financial structure of your company.

Retainer Billing

Partnering with our support under one monthly fee enables firms to tap our expertise without watching the clock. SDMayer engagements feature regular onsite visits and ongoing offsite access.

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