Cloud-Based Accounting Services

In the fast-changing world of commerce, businesses want to stay ahead and continue to grow in a demanding environment. One critical way to optimize your operations is to move to paperless accounting solutions. Enterprises in many different industries are moving toward cloud-based services today, and it may be a worthwhile trend for your business to consider.

At SD Mayer, we can help you develop a cloud-based accounting firm approach and optimize your process. Let us work with you to find the best solutions for your business.

If you’re interested in paperless solutions for your accounting operations, SD Mayer is here to provide trusted support when you need it. Whether you manage your accounting in-house or you would like to outsource bookkeeping and accounting, we have services to help.

If you’re looking to outsource, SD Mayer can help you transition or update to cloud accounting. We can also perform all accounting and bookkeeping services virtually for you moving forward. If you’d like us to help you manage an accounting software platform such as QuickBooks Online, we can work with you to meet your top priorities and business needs.

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Our Paperless Accounting Solutions

We can help you with several processes, including:

  • Going paperless. We can help you switch to cloud-based software from a paper-based or offline solution. Whether you want to convert paper files or QuickBooks files on your desktop to an online server, we’ll help you make the change.
  • Changing software. If your business is switching from one cloud-based accounting software to another, we can help you manage the transition seamlessly.
  • Troubleshooting support. If you encounter issues or confusion with your online accounting software, we offer support to help resolve any problems.
  • Staff training. Drawing from our industry expertise, we can provide training for staff on cloud accounting software best practices.

Why Consider a Paperless Accounts Payable Process?

When you store accounting data on your desktop PC, in QuickBooks or in paper books, you face a high risk of losing crucial information from your business operations. If a fire damages your computer or physical records, a desktop backup fails, or data corruption occurs, data recovery may be costly or impossible.

Cloud-based accounting mitigates these risks by encrypting and storing your data on an online server you can access at any time. It offers numerous other benefits too, including:

  • Unlimited data access. With cloud-based accounting, an unlimited number of users can access data, and it’s also possible to log in and access it remotely if needed.
  • Data security. The online server stores your securely encrypted data in a remote backup server that can protect years of information without risks of fire, water damage or other concerns. You can access historical data quickly and safely from the cloud.
  • Data integrity. The cloud provider maintains data integrity and performs maintenance so you can invest your time in operational responsibilities while resting easy knowing your data is secure.

Choose SD Mayer for Trusted Cloud-Based Accounting Services

At SD Mayer, we bring extensive experience in the industry to provide strategic management and planning for your business needs. Our goal is to provide personalized service and attention so you get the best advice and solutions for your enterprise. For more information on how we can partner with you, get in touch with us today.

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