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Succession Planning Services in the Bay Area

Whether you plan to sell your business, leave it to a talented employee or pass it on to a family member, succession planning can help keep your business thriving and moving forward, even when your current leadership team is no longer at the helm.

Among succession planning accounting firms in the San Francisco Bay Area, SD Mayer is the service provider many companies choose. That’s because we’re a corporate succession planning firm that offers comprehensive and individualized plans to address business concerns. Our multiple teams, industry insights and international experience mean we understand what it takes to create a smooth transition plan.

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Succession Planning Services

SD Mayer can strategize with you to develop a succession plan that makes sense for your organization. Our team offers:

  • Business valuation services. Valuation is important to determine the value of tangible and intangible assets.
  • Estate planning. For family businesses, a company often represents a significant asset and may affect a will or estate plan.
  • Tax planning. Exit strategies often have tax implications, especially for family businesses. SD Mayer can suggest ways to honor your tax obligations while shielding yourself from excessive taxation.
  • Employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs). ESOPs allow a company to shift ownership without finding capital to purchase a business that has grown. Succession planning consulting firms also commonly recommend ESOPs for small- and medium-sized businesses because they can simplify succession while offering tax benefits.
  • Merger and acquisition help. Mergers and buyouts are ways to determine who will lead a company in the future. In some cases, mergers and acquisitions come first, leaving leadership to determine how structural changes may impact succession.
  • Reorganization services. For family businesses, especially, reorganization often comes before succession. Current leadership may wish to reorganize to set up future leadership. Uncomfortable reorganization can also occur after the passing of a leader with no succession plan, and this can prompt new owners to value succession planning more. In either case, working with professionals can allow reorganization and succession planning to take place with the right goals in mind.

The SD Mayer Difference

Teams at our offices in the Bay Area and Menlo Park handle succession plans for many types of businesses across industries. We understand that for some businesses, succession planning may determine whether the business can remain open. In a family business, strong planning can help prevent upset and disagreements during a transfer of leadership.

That’s why every business needs a solid plan for changing leadership. SD Mayer can be your partner every step of the way, as you determine the value of your business, work to reduce the tax burden, make key decisions and explore options for reorganization.

Contact SD Mayer today to discuss ESOPs, succession planning and the steps you must take to enjoy peace of mind today and greater business success tomorrow.

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