Yasi Agah

Executive Director, 5 Buckets Foundation

San Francisco office

About Yasi

As a business graduate of Cal Poly SLO, Yasi has years of experience in marketing, sales, community outreach, public speaking, data analysis, social media marketing, project management and much more. With numerous internships and jobs in marketing, sales and customer service, Yasi has developed strong skills in all of these areas that make her a well rounded member of the workforce. One of her passions include travel which led her to living abroad three different times throughout her college and post-graduate life – the most recent experience working as a tour guide in Florence, Italy for 6 months. Other than travel, Yasi enjoys playing tennis, hiking, surfing, reading, writing and exploring San Francisco. Yasi has always had a love for helping people – she one day hopes to be a life coach and motivational speaker. Through her work at the 5 Buckets Foundation she is excited to give back to her community while impacting student’s education.


Cal Poly SLO


Member and Volunteer – Iranian American Women’s Foundation


Tennis, hiking, surfing, reading, writing and exploring San Francisco

Fun Facts

English was not my first language – it was Farsi

I have visited 26 countries

Over Thanksgiving in 2015, I saw Kylie Jenner & Tyga in a Starbucks in Calabasas