Giving back to the community has always been an important part of the culture at SDM. We volunteer our time to a wide range of community organizations, nonprofits and volunteer groups such as the SF-Marin Food Bank, SF Chamber of Commerce, Sabore’s Well, California Society of CPA’s (CalCPA), Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco, and more. Many of our staff members hold positions of leadership in these organizations, so if any of these (or those on our community page here) interest you, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to connect you.

One way a number of our employees are giving back next month is by participating in the Girls Night Out & Boys Night Out event put on by Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco. Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco is an organization that helps youth prepare for and succeed in academics, athletics, arts, professional life, and health and life skills.

This two day event matches youth from the club with big brother or big sister mentors for a night of games, crafts, dinner and more. For the youth, it’s a fun filled experience that gives them contact with professionals and a chance to see themselves in career roles they may not have considered. For us, it gives us a chance to show them how cool accountants can be! (Hey, we pride ourselves on being a very cool accountancy.)

Here are a couple employees that shared why they decided to participate:

“I’ve wanted to get more involved in the SF community for quite some time and I really enjoy spending time with kids. I chose to volunteer for the Girls Night Out & Boys Night Out because I believe that it can have a real impact.”
Stephanie O’Neil

“I find really it gratifying to know that I am helping kids grow in a healthy environment and a supportive community and also that I am making a small contribution for that cause. Kids need to grow knowing that they are supported by families, friends, and the community that they live in. Growing up with healthy thoughts and fostering positive relationships will help the kids achieve their potential and success in their future lives.”
Elias Tarabay

“I’m participating in this event to support Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco. I truly believe that programs like this one help shape a child’s life in a very positive manner.”
Corie Zablan

For more information about this event, shoot our liaison with the Boys and Girls Clubs of San Francisco an email at with the subject line “Volunteer.”

SD Mayer