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Families Grief Eased After Unexpected Loss of Primary Caretaker

When a family tragically faced the unexpected death of the husband—their primary financial caretaker—SD Mayer eased their financial concerns by providing wealth management and retirement planning advice.

The Challenge

SD Mayer values business clients, as well as individual and family cases. In the tragic story of a family suffering through a freak accident that resulted in the loss of the father, SD Mayer stepped in to help sort out the family finances. While it may be not be one of the first things considered during the stress of losing a father and husband, planning out finances without a steady flow of income was critical. The husband/father had handled most of the family’s finances, so the wife/mother needed to be caught up to speed on the current situation and receive guidance on how to manage the family’s wealth in the future. The family faced sorting out the earnings of the life insurance policy the father had taken out, as well as create a new retirement plan and establish a steady influx of cash.

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“The team at SD Mayer helped to take us from early startup mode, running accounting with Excel and lump-sum journal entries, to proper audit-ready accounting practices. Highly recommended for a bootstrapping startup that needs to up their game. Great team to work with! Friendly, responsive and accurate. Just what you need.”

– Kevin Christy, COO, Lightsource

How SD Mayer Helped

Our wealth management and retirement planning teams quickly came together to draw up a financial plan for the family to endure the difficult circumstances. We set them up with a practical financial program that would allow them to be financially secure in the present while also saving enough money for the future. We also worked to make sure the family would have ample cash flow.

The Results

Together, our teams’ quick and responsive service eased this family’s financial worries to make this difficult time a bit easier. As trusted advisors, we guided the wife/mother through the financial aspect of the tragedy, enabling her family to stay financially stable and establish a steady cash-flow.